10 Reasons WHY Patrick Mahomes Will CATCH Tom Brady & His 6 Super Bowls

10 Reasons WHY Patrick Mahomes Will CATCH Tom Brady & His 6 Super Bowls

Here is why Patrick Mahomes will win more Super Bowls than Tom Brady.

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Patrick Mahomes guided the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl in just his second season as a starter. But he’s still not satisfied.

Mahomes has emphasized the goal of trying to catch Tom Brady’s record six Super Bowl.

At first thought, it’s crazy to think that anyone will catch Brady’s six rings. But then you remember that this is Patrick Mahomes. And if you look at the long-term picture, Chiefs fans have plenty of reasons to believe that Mahomes can deliver at least five more Lombardi Trophies.

Here are 10 of those reasons why Patty Mahomes might catch Brady’s six Super Bowls.

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