Best Ways to Organize Genealogy Files: 5 Methods to Choose From

Best Ways to Organize Genealogy Files: 5 Methods to Choose From

Discover the best ways to organize your genealogy files. There are five main methods for organizing your genealogy papers. If you want to be a better genealogist, you have to organize your family history research.

0:00 Intro
1:00 All the Genealogy Research Papers to Organize
1:18 My Preference for Organizing With Genealogy Software or Online Trees
1:55 Organize your genealogy files by individual names
2:33 Arrange your genealogy files by marriage unites
4:22 Genealogy Organization Color Coding System
5:38 Organize Genealogy Papers by Record Type
7:16 Organize genealogy files by location.

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Originally posted 2020-10-07 18:00:09.