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    Intrax Technology Group, Ltd. - Focuses on supply chain management processes. simulation modeling tools, re-engineering, logistics, and forecasting.

    T/K Methods - T/K Methods, Inc. is a professional services firm specializing in improving the performance of supply chain operations in companies with manufacturing, distribution, logistics or transportation functions.

    Decision Spectrum Services - Consulting and decision support organization delivering global solutions that maximize improvement opportunities and economic gains.

    Logistics PRO - Transportation and warehouse management system. Summit Group software information on Supply Chain.

    Agile Software - Provides product change management software and solutions to manufacturers, integrating ERP and MRP software across the supply chain.

    i2 Technologies, Inc. - Provides software solutions for optimization of business processes and supply chain management.

    CMO - Collaborative Merchandise Optimization - Collaborative Merchandise Optimization is the cross-functional integration of business processes between a supplier and a retailer so merchandise optimization is achieved.

    Industri-Matematik - Industri-Matematik International (NASDAQ: IMIC) provides advanced supply chain management solutions that enable companies to manage complex logistics and service challenges that exist in pull-driven business environments.

    Optum - The emerging e-business model demands new technologies and processes to manage Supply Chain Execution (SCE). Optum, Inc. helps companies achieve supply chain success through mastery of execution.

    UCXnet - UCXnet helps mid-size and large corporations reduce costs for the products and services they use. Payment is based on measurable results produced.

    IDC3 - Specializing in industrial distribution. Services include distributor training, customer satisfaction, distributor councils, supply chain management and e-commerce.

    E3 Corporation - Develops software solutions used in demand chain systems. Solutions focus on inventory management, forecasting, replenishment and collaborative commerce programs.

    Manufacturing Magic - Consulting and Educational Services in Supply Chain Management. Services in ERP / MRPII / MRP II/ MRP2. Workshops in Supply Chain Management.

    System Architects, Inc. - Specializes in creating internet-based load tracing, tracking and tendering applications for supply chain management within the transportation industry.

    Indent - Provides business-to-business and business-to-customer E-commerce solutions that are integrated with business processes such as supply chain (procurement, production and distribution), sales and marketing, and customer service.

    Ozro - B2B collaboration software to improve your eProcurement efforts are available from Ozro. Our collaborative software provides customer relationship and supply chain management for electronic procurement, eCommerce, eAgreements and eNegotiations.

    Seacat Group - A financial systems developer specializing in the purchasing process and procurement applications and supply chain solutions including requisitioning, purchasing, bid, receiving, and accounts payable.

    St. Onge Company - An internationally respected supply chain engineering consulting firm specializing in: logistics, SCM strategy, network optimization, advanced operations design, tools and technology development, material handling solutions, information systems solutions, simulation, modelling, animation, implementation project management, operations training.

    Imants BVBA - Manufacturing supply chain management and maintenance resources. Powerpoint presentations, books, and information retrieval.

    NESI, Inc. - NESI is a knowledge company focused on developing and deploying supply chain management knowledge and tools for executives and practitioners. The site contains a glossary and reading list for those interested in learning more about supply chain management and lean manufacturing practices.

    Remix Ltd - Provides supply chain management and logistics analysis.

    Digital Information Systems Pte Ltd - Regional Lilly Software Associate provides integrated ERP, APS, MES & SCM software and implementation services for manufacturers & distributors.

    Logipolis - An e-fulfillment solutions provider that offers supply chain execution (SCE) solutions that enable collaborative e-fulfillment among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics service providers.

    GAINSystems - Provider of inventory chain solutions to increase service levels, reduce inventories and maximize profits for manufacturing, distribution and MRO markets.

    Get Real Systems - Specialists in supply chain solutions that enhance key business processes such as procurement, inventory management and order processing.

    Logistics and Industrial Systems - International provider of supply chain execution solutions for complex warehouse and distribution operations.

    Efinity Inc. - Provides online supply chain management and e-commerce solutions.

    Logistics Planning Associates, LLC - Offers PSI Planner, a high tech, low-cost integrated demand forecasting, distribution/materials requirements planning (DRP/MRP) and master production scheduling software system for Windows platforms.

    Provia Software - Provia Software Supply chain management software site.

    LogicTools, Inc. - Strategic and tactical planning software for supply chain professionals.

    iFusion - A Singapore based company with a main focus in creating value in the supply chains of its customers.

    ISP Benchmarking Association - An association of procurement and supply chain organizations within major corporations. ISPBA conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the overall operations of the members.

    Radcliffe Systems - Radcliffe Systems develops, implements and supports ROC, an innovative warehouse management system (WMS) with a no risk, no capital application service provider (ASP) option.

    Managize - ASP retail services that automate customer special order, drop ship, remote inventories, multi channel returns, sourcing, corporate gifts, and repairs.

    Procurement Centre - The Procurement Center is a specialized resource prepared to handle all or any part of your supply chain management staffing, outsourcing, or consulting needs.

    Interlink Technologies - Interlink Technologies' WHSE-LINK software is a paperless, on-line, real-time warehouse management system, which links bar code and RF technologies.

    NuThink, Inc. - A process design and innovation firm that helps companies improve their supply chain performance by re-designing and implementing new business processes.

    Supply Chain Management Seminar - A two-day seminar series led by Stanford University faculty that will help your company integrate suppliers, manufacturing, and distribution.

    CORE Limited - Provides supply chain and logistics integrated E-business solutions into client, supplier and consumer business processes.

    A.D. Smith & Associates - Provides logistics consulting to companies who wish to overhaul or improve their supply chain practices.

    Simpler, Inc. - Simpler Consulting, Inc. offers consulting and training services that facilitate successful Lean Conversions. Our background is in operations, not in professional consulting.

    Viewlocity - Global provider of supply chain event management (SCEM) solutions

    AGD Research - We provide supply chain implementation and training primarly in the Manugistics suite of supply chain software.

    Supply Chain Systems - Supply Chain Policies, Processes and APS & Demand Management Technologies. Comprehensive Strategic, Tactical & Operational Planning Solutions. Completely automated Finite Capacity Scheduling for Complex Situations

    LogisticsExpo - The global community site for supply chain professionals.

    Baxter Planning Systems, Inc. - Software development and consulting company that specializes in logistics planning systems. Core competency is in developing solutions for service side inventory. Web-based supply chain planning product, ProphetOnline.

    REM Associates of Princeton, Inc. - REM Associates provides advice and counsel to business management on improving the efficiency of product movement through related business functions.

    Project Plato - Project Plato is an SCM education initiative which changes how people think about supply chain management and business transformation initiatives.

    PurchaseSoft - PurchaseSoft offers a suite of applications for all aspects of the procurement cycle.

    UPS Professional Services - A global management consulting firm that delivers strategic business solutions by leveraging innovative technologies, expert financial analysis, and time-proven logistics know-how.

    Motek - Motek develops supply chain execution software solutions to help businesses streamline their warehousing and distribution operations. Software for warehouse and inventory logistics.

    Renaissance Software - Providing companies with internet application systems that are JAVA user interfaced and server designed and which address supply chain, order management, and warehouse management requirments.

    InSight, Inc. - Develops logistics management support systems for the global supply chain.

    KNGT Logistics - Provides supply chain visibility, logistics and transportation solutions.

    LTD Management - Logistics management consulting for supply chain management, warehousing, transportation and more, both domestic and international. Plus numerous free logistics articles.

    LTD Magazine - Highlights what it takes to be a successful supply chain management partner for your customers. Key issues are discussed.

    Global logistics - Global logistics is critical to supply chain management effectiveness

    Distribution - Distribution is the leading UK magazine for logistics and supply chain professionals. The site features a comprehensive library of articles from the magazine.

    VRWarehouse - The VRWarehouse virtual reality WMS complement allows users to see logistics operations as they happen in a real time, 3D, interactive visualization correlating live with your real warehouse. - is committed to using the World Wide Web to make your office more productive. We are an internet based business-to-business service that provides a simplified efficient way for you to manage your office equipment and your supply purchases.

    Evcor Ohio - Provider of warehouse management systems, multi-carrier compliant shipping, customer compliant pack verification, online shipping, tracking and manifesting, receiving and interoffice track systems, and e-commerce solutions.

    Purchasingnet - PurchasingNet-SQL offers a complete purchasing solution, including Front-Office and Back-Office functionality.

    Spin Through - Solutions provider of inventory catalog standardization for ERP, EAM and CMMS software systems.

    IBM - Provides companies with integrated, industry-specific, best of breed supply chain solutions, including Business Transformation services; Integration and Implementation services; Solution Delivery; Intra & inter-enterprise solution integration platform; and Support and Education.

    Interchain - Provides warehousing and distribution software.

    Idynamo - The Idynamo Purchasing System simplifies every aspect of the purchasing process.

    Simulation Dynamics, Inc. - Simulate supply chains, manufacturing plants, and complex manufacturing or business processes to build understanding of dynamic systems. SDI provides software for simulation, consulting, and training.

    Decision Craft - Operates two synergistic business lines, one for consulting, and the other for technology development.

    Qiva - Supply chain execution and technology systems. Global transportation management and shipping solutions.

    Bespoke Logistics Solutions - Logistics consultancy providing supply chain management for the CIS and Eastern European markets.

    The Internation Journal of Logistics Management - An academic journal addressing International Logistics issues to researchers and practitioners of the logistics trade.

    The Lyte Group, Inc. - The Lyte Group provides software and consulting services for companies interested in modeling and optimizing their supply chain networks, managing advanced planning and scheduling, and strategically planning logistics issues.

    Society of Inventory Management Benchmarking Association - Organization gathers data in the form of group studies on behalf of participants.

    Procurement and Supply Chain Benchmarking Association - A free association of employees of major corporations responsible for procurement and supply chain.

    SeeCommerce - SeeCommerce's SeeChain Suite of applications allow business managers and executives to see and collaborate across the total supply chain so they can proactively measure, monitor and exceed supply chain performance.

    The Links Group - Provides international and domestic supply chain design and implementation for import and export. Services include manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, distribution, and customer service.

    Tools Group - Tools unique service planning technology enables planning and management of supply chain flows in order to guarantee targeted customer service levels at the minimal logistic cost.

    Avicon - Avicon architects and builds leading edge solutions that power next generation supply chain performance by facilitating effective trading partner collaboration.

    Planning Systems - Supply Chain Planning Software since 1983. Available for the IBM Mainframe and Windows. Distribution Resource Planning and Demand Forecasting.

    LDS Corporation - These ASP modeled products work with warehouse management and supply chain products to move data into and out of the fulfillment process.

    EMS Solutions - Provides consulting services in the areas of supplier management services, production control, and in logistics, warehousing and distribution management.

    GSC Consulting - Transform your supply chain with our e-chain strategies, solutions and advanced planning software.

    Optiant, Inc. - Supply chain design and optimization software solutions.

    Waterloo Manufacturing Software - TACTIC is advanced order promising and finite capacity scheduling software. It attaches to ERP/MRP. Use its what-if features to continuously balance whats good for your customers with whats good for your business when new orders, changes and problems occur.

    Integrated Cargo Management Systems, Inc. - Providing customers with in-transit visibility of cargo.

    Supplier Drive - Offers a free e-commerce solution providing suppliers with the infrastructure, security and applications necessary to conduct business through online marketplaces.

    MJC2 Limited - Advanced scheduling and optimisation systems for the supply chain.

    Endgame Systems - A suite of mobile enabled tools designed create and fulfill demand for wholesalers that provide direct delivery of products to stores, offices and homes.

    Supply Chain Council - Organization for those specializing in supply chain management.

    Yantra Corporation - Provides comprehensive and flexible real-time order management.

    QMark, Inc. - QMARK provides integrated solutions designed to plan, manage, monitor and optimize supply chains.

    International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management - The International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management provides a list of members, more than 40 National Purchasing Associations, and details of its activities.

    TrueSynergies,Inc. - Premium web-enabled elogistics software for resellers and enterprise. Delivering a virtual warehouse solution to streamline your front end sales channels with your supply chain.

    Radical Limited - Radical Limited provides responsive supply chain modelling software and consultancy to the global logistics marketplace with customers worldwide.

    Caseware Solutions - Caseware Solutions provides business and software solutions for inventory management, forecasting, demand management, distribution requirements, advanced planning, sales & operations, vendor managed inventory and retail store level replenishment.

    Purchasing Research Service - Portal for purchasing, procurement and supply chain professionals offers research tools and supplier and product search.

    Routing Guides - Easily accessible routing guide system for shippers, consignees, and carriers.

    Workingways - Offers demand planning, inventory management, sales forecasting and customer service. Located in the United Kingdom.

    Aria Group Plc - A purchasing consultancy, we focus on improving the profitability and service levels of organisations worldwide. Specialists in procurement and e-procurement solutions.

    Diagma - Specializes in logistics and supply chain.

    TMA Systems - Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and EAM solutions for facilities such as manufacturing plants and industrial businesses, hospitals, clinics, colleges and universities.

    Integrative Manufacturing Management - Common sense education for manufacturing.

    FastChain - Develops and markets supplier enablement systems for manufacturers, distributors, and private trading exchanges.

    Enable Systems - web-enabled e-procurement solutions provider specializing in content, order and supplier management.

    PipeChain - PipeChain is software that automates the flow of good across a supply network, working with existing systems in companies of every size.

    Exel - Exel helps your business thrive by reducing costs and improving control.

    Planalytics Life Sciences - Supply chain planning and assistance in managing production, inventories, logistics, and marketing of crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, seed, animal health products, pharmaceuticals, and processed food.

    Mikrofax Software Systems - The Buyers Assistant, includes purchasing, requisitions, inventory, quotations, financial, invoice tracing and warehouse management.

    Quintiq BV - Quintiq BV develops the Quintiq software suite that is used to optimize your scheduling and supply-chain.

    Logility - Logility Inc. develops, markets, installs and supports software applications that optimize operations throughout the demand chain, the supply chain, logistics operations and warehouse management.

    The Welfleet Group - The Welfleet Group works with mid-sized Business-to-Business organizations in the development and implementation of both brick and E-Commerce Business Strategy and Business Process Redesign (BPR)efforts.

    Supply Links - SupplyLinks provides planning services including transportation optimization for route, mode and carrier selection and landed cost optimization for improved sourcing decisions.

    Wam Systems - Developers of PICASO-the only Supply Chain Planning solution designed exclusively for the chemical industry. Used by world-class companies for eBusiness, optimization, collaborative forecasting, scheduling, inventory & distribution management.

    Global Sourcing Solutions - Purchasing and supply chain consulting offering leadership experience for companies seeking to strengthen their supply chain strategy, organization and customer-supplier relationships.

    Logistics Control Company - Logistics Control Company is a third party logistics provider of transportation and supply chain management services for companies.

    ROI Consulting Group - Our associates apply the lessons learned in the supply chain manufacturing industry.

    SAS - SAS help's you discover and exploit the hidden opportunities in your supply chain by leveraging enterprise data for tactical and strategic planning.

    CargoSmart - Innovative logistic systems solution for real-time global shipment information.

    Bridge Point - Enables its client's global supply chain solutions by providing value and benefit to all members through the efficient collection, transformation and utilization of data, information and knowledge

    Blue Dot Interactive - Management consulting and project management firm that provides business engineering and digital development for supply chain and related e-business initiatives.

    MDI - Making Distribution Intelligent - Logistics management and distribution support services for biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and biologics firms.

    Logisticz - Dedicated to the design, development, implementation and support of advanced transportation and logistics solutions for the commercial and government sectors.

    Supply Chain Online - Supply Chain Online offers web-based training modules for specific topics in Supply Chain Management.

    Burman Associates Consultancy - A reliable and affordable source of logistics, supply chain development and knowledge management. Benchmarking, responsiveness and customer focus are key activities.

    Supply Chain Today - Supply chain/e-business portal aggregating information and news.

    Con-Way Business Solutions - A provider of integrated supply chain and Internet consulting services, including Internet business strategies, application integration, operations and logistics. - Career and Job Discussion Board for Supply Chain and Purchasing Professionals

    Nonstop Solutions - Nonstop Solutions is a provider of demand network optimization solutions to manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. - Offers a web-based supply-chain management platform to small and mid-size manufacturing, distribution and retail operations.

    Stratyc - Stratyc provides process manufacturing companies with tools to enable end-to-end supply chain management.

    Netalogue - Ready to use e-procurement software products for companies who need a single powerful ordering environment.

    eSYNC - The eSYNC International site defines and details the products and services that we offer to the mid-market supply chain planning and execution industries.

    ecVision - ecVision automates the Supply Chain Management process, by providing integrated B2B technologies utilizing XML and EDI technology for information exchange.

    About Logistics & Supply Chain - Provides an extensive taxonomy of links, supply chain articles and other resources for logistics and supply chain professionals.

    Syncron - Syncron B2B provides web-based supply chain planning and integration capabilities.

    3Peaks - Provide specialist support in supply chain management and Internet systems development

    SAPMarkets - Offers comprehensive e-procurement tools and collaborative e-marketplace services for trading communities

    Habermehl Consulting Services - Habermehl Consulting Services is a fact-based, hands-on consulting firm. HCS adresses the needs of today's complex business environment by applying supply chain

    4 Supply Chain Management - Offering supply chain management, electronic data system and logistics software.

    University of Tennessee - SCM Forum - The University of Tennessee with its international reputation in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transportation established the forum to help global corporations learn about and address issues related to supply chain collaboration.

    iLogistix - Provides end-to-end value chain operation and consulting services.

    ACT Data Services - Outsourcing solutions for all facets of EDI, specializing in vendor compliance issues for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Creators of EC-EZNET, an internet-based supply chain management solution.

    Sameday - Sameday provides Syntempo Supply Chain Event Management software to manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers.

    Kewill - Kewill provides buyer's with a low cost, subscription-based Web interface for their suppliers enabling them to fulfill, ship, track and confirm receipt of orders according to buyer-specific requirements.

    REMIX Ltd - Developer of logistics planning technology.

    Softchain - Collaborative planning and forecasting software for synchronizing complex, multi-tier supply chains.

    Ascet - Provides case studies, white papers, and information on the varieties of supply chain logistics.

    Article: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) - Describes Warehouse Management Systems(WMS) and the it's uses.

    Majure Data - Warehouse management system (WMS) product news and information.

    VertiSync - The fastest way to a globally integrated, synchronized, and optimized supply chain.

    Replen ESP - Replen have developed the Efficient Supply Protocol to improve the efficiencies of the supply chain, reducing stock levels, lead times and waste.

    S and V Management Consultants - S and V Management Consultants is a European consultancy firm in supply chain optimization and business process improvement.

    Rockford Consultants - Supply chain Management consultants offering state-of-the-art technology and methods to companies world-wide

    Demantra - Demantra is a provider of collaborative demand management solutions for companies that must accurately anticipate and plan to satisfy customer demand.

    Procurenix - Listing of our consulting products and services in purchasing and supply chain.

    Apex Systems Integrators Inc. - Consulting and integration services for supply chain technologies.

    Wellington Associates, Inc. - Consultants and planners in warehousing, distribution, material handling and logistics.

    Next Information Systems, Inc. - Next Information Systems provides high-volume, high-velocity inventory management solutions to retailers and their suppliers.

    Thrive - Provides turnkey inventory planning software and services including true DRP (Replenishment Planning) and Forecasting for manufacturers and distributors.

    Gain Resources - GRA is an Australian owned supply chain management consulting firm which specializes in inventory optimization.

    Chainalytics LLC - Chainalytics specializes in consulting services which require deep quantitative analysis such as transportation planning, and inventory planning.

    Automate Procurement - Supply chain management solution for purchasing managers. Provides an eprocurement inventory software answer for an inventory management and control problem.

    Logistics Centre - The Innovative Logistics Consultancy in strategy logistics, materials handling and layout planning.

    Cadre Technologies WMS and TMS - Cadre Technologies provides systems, software, and integration services for warehouse and transportation.

    Integrated Strategies - Consulting for clients with nedds in strategic sourcing, e-business, logistics, initiative management and customer service.

    PCH International - Sserving the electronics industry with Asian manufactured components since 1996.

    Exemplary Software - Exemplary software helps companies execute control over their extended supply chains, in real time, in the real world.

    Upside Contract - Allows business and public sector entities to offer electronic, online, web-based contract software to their employees, suppliers and customers.

    Activelog - Provides supply chain management web based solutions and services.

    Derby Industries, LLC - Find contract manufacturing, inventory management, logistics management, subassemblies, sub-assemble and sub-assembly information.

    Waer Systems - Supply chain and warehouse management software providing JIT and automatic replenishment.

    SmartOps - Supply chain planning and optimization software solutions that accommodate and manage supply and demand uncertainty and complexity.

    Supply Chain Consulting Firm. - A supply chain management firm that specializes in serving small and mid sized manufacturing firms.

    Surya Soft-Tech - Surya is a global software services company providing digital technology solutions to the enterprises worldwide

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