Days after anti-mask KC restaurant owner declared ‘we won,’ her husband is hospitalized with ‘COVAD’

Days after anti-mask KC restaurant owner declared ‘we won,’ her husband is hospitalized with ‘COVAD’

It seems that each day as the delta variant continues to spread nationwide, a different anti-vaxxer or anti-mask individual is hospitalized as a result of COVID-19. While it’s unfortunate news, many of them in a sense walked into their own demise by refusing to follow COVID-19 safety regulations in place and mocking those who did. Most recently, an anti-masker who made headlines last month for blaming immigrants for spreading COVID-19 has not only tested positive for COVID-19, but been hospitalized as a result. 

Owner of Doughboys Donuts KC in Missouri, Marjain Breitenbach, made headlines in August after a controversial sign was posted in his store window. The sign read: “Stop Importing COVID from Mexico Unmask Truth.” While he later changed the sign due to backlash to read  “Stop importing COVID through border unmask truth,” the intention and meaning remained. Now Breitenbach is making headlines again for being one of an undisclosed number of people testing positive for COVID after a town meeting on masks.

Marjan Breitenbach and his wife, Elisa Breitenbach, attended an Independence City Council meeting to discuss a mask mandate on Aug. 16. They both attended without masks and even held a sign against masks during it. 

They even took that controversial sign that was the reason they made the news the first time.

While people should have been afraid to be near her and her husband as she is an anti-vaxxer, anti-CDC, anti-immigrant, and anti-mask, Elisa Breitenbach expressed that “It’s very hard for us to be in the same room with most of these people” in a post she made to Facebook during the meeting. She continued in the post to compare public safety measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 to the horrors of the Holocaust. “It didn’t start with the gas chambers …” her post said.

The end result of the meeting was that a mask mandate was voted down. Shortly after the meeting, Elisa Breitenbach posted “We WON!” to Facebook. Little did she know that not only did she “win” the vote against masks, but her husband also won the prize of COVID-19.

Days after the council meeting, officials in the city requested that all those who attended be tested for COVID-19, The Kansas City Star reported. The announcement came after at least one person who attended the meeting tested positive, officials said.

While how many people were infected following the meeting is unclear at this time, Marjan Breitenbach is at least one of them.

According to a Facebook post from Aug. 28, Breitenbach tested positive for COVID-19 and was taken to the hospital. His wife was so against the disease she even spelled it wrong.

“It is COVAD. Today I took my husband to the hospital, ” she posted.

She continued to post updates to her page, including one on Monday noting that he was “doing a little better. He slept good last night. He doesn’t need as much oxygen as he has. They are giving him double meds to open his lungs up more. He is watching TV and doing better.”

Given the outcome of the meeting, Independence City Council definitely needs to reinstate its mask mandate. 

The incident follows multiple anti-maskers facing the same fate; at least one anti-masker is hospitalized daily. Additionally, Daily Kos has reported multiple deaths of anti-vaxxer conservative media personalities, some of whom verbally regretted not taking the vaccine moments before their death. Reports have found that unvaccinated people make up more than 90% of COVID-19 hospitalizations nationwide. 

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