From Birth to Death: Researching Genealogy Vital Records in Newspapers

From Birth to Death: Researching Genealogy Vital Records in Newspapers

Find details about vital events in your ancestor’s life using newspaper keyword combinations. If you want to find BMD (birth, marriage, and death) records for your ancestors, you can’t search historic newspapers for surnames only. Sometimes you have to add vital record keywords to your newspaper searches to find genealogy gold. These tips are great for using but can be used on any searching newspaper website.

0:35 Search for Birth Announcements in Newspapers
1:14 Alternative keywords to find birth announcements in newspapers
1:46 Finding Church Baptismal Records in Newspapers
3:36 Finding Engagement Announcements in Old Newspapers
4:43 Finding Bridal Shower Annoumcents in Historic Newspapers
6:15 Researching a Bridal Party in Old Newspapers
7:47 Finding Your Ancestor’s Wedding Announcements in Historic Newspapers
8:44 Rearching Ancestors Who Eloped Using Newspapers
11:06 Researching Ancestors Who Divorced Using Historic Newspapers
12:14 Finding Your Relatives’ Anniversary Announcement in Old Newspapers
13:34 How to Research Death Announcement in Old Newspapers

How to work around OCR errors in newspaper research
Use Keywords in Newspaper Research to Find Genealogy Gold

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