Happy International Jaguar Day

Happy International Jaguar Day

Celebrate International Jaguar Day by learning more about these majestic cats.

Video Transcript:
Jaguars once roamed widely in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, but U.S. jaguars were killed off by private and government hunters who saw them as a threat to livestock.

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has explored the possibility of restoring jaguars to the Southwest…

but their recovery plan only considers a small area along the U.S.-Mexico border in southern Arizona and New Mexico.

But historically, these cats lived as far north as the Grand Canyon. With more than 60 documented in the area as recently as the 20th century.

These majestic cats should be given the opportunity to return to their historic lands.

We’re collaborating with top jaguar scientists examining millions of habitat acres in the northern reaches of their historic range and making the case for a return to these still wild places.

We’re working to restore the species, so that every day can be Jaguar Day in the American Southwest.

Happy International Jaguar Day!

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