The journey begins – Installing our Smart House with a new security system.

The journey began after our first burglary after living in the same house for many decades.

We had to the local cable TV install a Qolsys security system that has worked out great. Very reliable and can be armed and disarmed from your cell phone or the security key pad inside the house.qolsys

The home security key pad is very intuitive and easy to use (See above photo).

A smart home could also be a vulnerable home. It is replete with interconnected IoT devices, many with their own known or unknown vulnerabilities and connected to the internet by a router that probably has the original, unchanged default password. Sometimes the connection is via a mobile phone app, often introducing a further weakness.

At this stage in the evolution of smart homes, they have another characteristic: they are almost by definition the abode of wealthy or significant people. This makes the smart home a target for cybercriminals, and potentially a target for cyber-savvy physical burglars, to protect it, try the siem cyber security services.

We had window and door sensor installed and connected to the alarm along with a panic button in the master bedroom. All in all an easy installation with only one trip. There was about a $250 installation fee and a monthly monitoring fee added to our cable TV bill.

In addition, we have to pay a small annual alarm fee to our local city that can be paid online.

A nice surprise, our installer showed me how set up install text messages to my phone every time the alarm was enabled or disabled. Nice feature since I get my text messages sent to my Pebble connected watch. Pending alarms are also sent to my phone and watch – which so far were just false alarms.

Overall, a good experience so far with no further break-ins.

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