Quick link: A guide to how to use your new Amazon Echo

Nice introduction to the Amazon Echo at stuff.tv:

How to master…the Amazon Echo
All of the right things to say to your new chatty speaker…
Talking to gadgets feels a bit unnatural when you’ve spent years conversing in the universal language of touchscreen.

So acquainting yourself with an Amazon Echo can feel like a riddle, wrapped up in an enigma, roll up inside…a tech-packed tube.

But Amazon’s pioneering, voice-assistant-packing speaker can really help you do a lot around the home, whether it’s playing media, taking lists, answering questions, or controlling your ever-growing assortment of connected devices.

And it’s not always obvious how deep the well of features go. So we’ve got two guides to help: if you’ve just opened a boxfresh Echo and want a quick crash course, head to our Amazon Echo starter guide.

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