Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t hold back and absolutely destroys MyPillow Guy in interview

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t hold back and absolutely destroys MyPillow Guy in interview

Wednesday night, Mike Lindell had what may be the closest thing to a mainstream media appearance he’s had in a long while. It came on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, suffice to say the MyPillow Guy showed us why he’s more or less stayed away from actual interviews.

Kimmel, who is open about his obsession with Lindell, came prepared.

The tone was set when Kimmel cut Lindell to ribbons in his monologue—during which comedian James Adomian sent up the MyPillow Guy.

The real fun started during the actual interview.

Kimmel pointed out—rightly—that “you can potentially draw a line” connecting the lies and hokum Lindell spread to the Jan. 6 insurrection.

When Lindell began spewing his BS about fraud, Kimmel was having none of it. He got Lindell to admit, among other things, that he doesn’t know what an IP address really is. It was also during this interview that Fake Lindell—aka Adomian—barged in, insisting he was the real MyPillow Guy.

You may recall that until tonight, the only place where Lindell was still allowed to spew his baloney is far-right network Real America’s News. Specifically, on Steve Bannon’s War Room, for which he is practically the only source of funding. After seeing this interview, it’s easy to see why. Like most deplorables, when Lindell actually has to defend himself, he gets humiliated—and bigly.

Kimmel took a lot of flack for even agreeing to this interview. But to my mind, he did the country a public service. After all, we got to see just how unhinged a person has to be in order to believe the Big Lie.

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