Las Vegas man charged after claiming someone mailed his dead wife’s ballot in 2020 election

Las Vegas man charged after claiming someone mailed his dead wife’s ballot in 2020 election

Last November, Donald “Kirk” Hartle told everyone he could that there had been a “sickening” case of voter fraud involving his wife, who passed away from breast cancer in 2017. Hartle claimed that he never received Rosemarie Hartle’s mail-in ballot at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 2020 election, though she was inexplicably still on the active voter list. Rosemarie’s ballot was nonetheless somehow counted by Clark County officials, who even claimed her signature matched their records.

Both Hartles are registered Republicans. Naturally, the Nevada Republican Party took up the 55-year-old’s cause and even tweeted about the incident the same day that the Associated Press called Nevada for Joe Biden. They boosted his case days later, posting an interview between Hartle and Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS to their Facebook page.

The secretary of state’s office believes it may have solved this mystery and filed a criminal complaint earlier this month against—you probably guessed it—Donald “Kirk” Hartle.

The Nevada GOP somehow still has this tweet up as of this writing.

Hartle has been charged with felony counts of voting more than once in the same election and voting using another person’s name. He faces a fine of up to $5,000 and up to four years in prison per charge.

The Nevada GOP has remained silent about Hartle since the charges against him came to light. Hartle’s lawyer told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that his client will respond to the allegations in court on Nov. 18.

Hartle is well-known in the business community in Clark County: He’s the chief financial officer at Ahern Rentals, an organization whose parent company faced state fines for violating COVID protocols when hosting two Trump events. That same company is hosting the For God & Country Patriot Double Down conference this weekend at the Ahern Hotel in Vegas.

The conference is blatant QAnon propaganda and even features Ron Watkins—the man many believe is behind Q—as well as his father, Jim, who runs 8kun. The message board is a favorite of Q’s and responsible for hosting the manifestos of multiple mass shooters.

According to Clark County officials, five people voted twice during the 2020 presidential election. All instances are currently under investigation. Clark County has 1,316,573 registered voters, of which 974,185 cast their ballots in the 2020 presidential election. The amount of people who voted twice account for a little over 0.00051% of voter turnout. Once again, voter fraud is not the issue, even if whistleblowing against it can earn you money from Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s weird voter fraud bounty fund.

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