Latina Equal Pay Day brought a litany of dismal statistics, this week in the war on workers

Latina Equal Pay Day brought a litany of dismal statistics, this week in the war on workers

Latina Equal Pay Day fell on Oct.21 this year. That’s the day when, starting on Jan. 1, 2020, Latina women have finally been paid what white men were paid in 2020 alone. It followed Black Women’s Equal Pay Day on August 3 and Equal Pay Day (averaging all women) on March 24. Latinas are paid 57 cents for every dollar paid to white men, and have to work an extra 294 days to earn the same amount of money. That’s an annual loss of nearly $29,000, and more than $1.1 million over a career. One thing that helps close the gap? Union membership.

The coronavirus pandemic has made things worse. September’s unemployment rate, writes the National Women’s Law Center’s Jasmine Tucker, “means that Latinas are over 1.3 times more likely than white men to be unemployed, and if all the Latinas who have left the labor force since February 2020 returned and were counted as unemployed last month, their unemployment rate would have been 9.3% instead of 5.6%. In September, over one in three Latinas ages 16 and over (36.1%) had been unemployed for 6 months or longer.”

● The set where Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was a site of labor conflict, with union camera operators walking out over working conditions and being replaced with non-union workers on the day of the shooting. So while the shooting itself was by all accounts accidental, it happened in the context of a production that was mistreating workers, using scab labor, and cutting corners on safety.

Amazon launches another union-busting campaign, this one in New York, Lauren Kaori Gurley reports.

For unionizing factory workers in Santa Ana, indoor air pollution is more pressing than pay, writes Gabriel San Román.

Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island seek union vote.

The geography of the Great Resignation: First-time data shows where Americans are quitting the most.

“I feel like growing up, they always try to push you to go to college. No one ever talks to you about trades. I was always told if I didn’t go to college, I wasn’t going to get a good job. But I mean, here I am. I’m making just as much, if not more, and I have no student debt.”

— IUPAT | Pass the PRO Act! (@GoIUPAT) October 19, 2021

The University of Pittsburgh spent more than $2 million on anti-union law firm, but their faculty and grad students still voted to unionize in a landslide. Excellent use of money. I’d be thrilled with those expenditures if I were a Pitt grad.

— Dave Jamieson (@jamieson) October 20, 2021

This is amazing. In response to the judge’s injunction forbidding UAW members from picketing in Davenport, IA, community members (i.e., non-members) are planning a show of force at the plant on Thursday. Share with anyone you know anywhere near there.

— Jonah Furman (@JonahFurman) October 20, 2021

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