News Roundup: Abbott and McConnell find their limits; world supply chains bend again

News Roundup: Abbott and McConnell find their limits; world supply chains bend again

In the news today: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tried yet another anti-Biden, anti-pandemic-reality stunt this week, barring employers from requiring vaccinations for their workers. It didn’t work: The state’s largest employers are ignoring him in favor of employee safety (and the federal mandate they are required to comply with). Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has long had near-total control of his caucus, but that status is in jeopardy as the party adopts full-on Trumpism. The COVID-19 pandemic is once again wreaking havoc with global supply chains, and it’s mostly because those supply chains weren’t built to handle disruption in the first place.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Abbott tried to block employer vaccine mandates. IBM, American Air, and Southwest just snubbed him

Don’t look now, but McConnell is on the skids

From pot pies to plumbing supplies to toys, supply chain snarls are creating shortages

Herschel Walker fumbles, cancels fundraiser after pressure over host’s swastika profile pic

Lawsuits mount over three Montana laws that make it harder for voters to cast their ballots

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