News Roundup: Gaetz under investigation; ‘Herd immunity’ close; Democrats prep infrastructure plan

In today’s news, The New York Times revealed that Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has for months been under federal investigation for possible sex trafficking involving a 17-year-old.

Here’s what else you may have missed:

Rep. Matt Gaetz under federal investigation for possible sex trafficking

America is less than 50 days from reaching herd immunity if vaccination rates hold

Schumer considers extreme measures for infrastructure bill, proving that the filibuster has to go

Conspiracy weirdos and Republican grifters now freaking out over ‘vaccine passports’

All-white jury returns no convictions for officers who allegedly brutalized veteran Black detective

Two weeks after mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia Republicans loosen up gun laws

From the community:

New revelations about GOP governors prove that COVID-19 has truly been an American genocide

Membership in U.S. churches has dropped to 47%

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