News Roundup: Insurrection echoes; public faith in Supreme Court is tanking

News Roundup: Insurrection echoes; public faith in Supreme Court is tanking

In the news today: A new pro-insurrectionist rally is planned for this Saturday, but it’s likely to be a bust. That doesn’t mean that the danger of domestic terrorism is diminishing, however. Meanwhile, Trump’s allies are launching new attacks on a top military official after a new book disclosed steps the military took to help ensure Trump couldn’t launch a rogue nuclear attack or start a new world war as he spiraled into post-election delusion. Members of the newly archconservative Supreme Court who are worried that the court’s reputation is in steep decline due to their radical reinterpretations of longstanding law have some new evidence that they should perhaps be worrying much more than they are: In the wake of a ridiculous decision allowing Texas “bounty hunters” to sue Texans accused of aiding or abetting an abortion, public confidence in the institution is indeed tanking. How could it not?

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

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