News Roundup: More gun violence, and more political excuses for doing nothing about it

In the immediate aftermath of yet another mass shooting, lawmakers allied with the (now-bankrupt but still grifting) National Rifle Association wasted no time in repeating old defenses for why Americans must tolerate regular mass murders and nothing, absolutely nothing, ought to be done about it. Probes of Trump-era crookery are finally becoming unstuck after being blocked for years, and Tucker Carlson continues to ferry fascist talking points into Fox News homes with the apparent full blessing of the network’s board and executives.

Some of what you may have missed:

Republicans spew outrageous nonsense at Senate gun violence hearing

The Trump administration hid lots of shady dealings. Some of them are just now coming to light

Gunman ambushed National Guard caravan bringing COVID-19 vaccines to Texas

Tucker Carlson transmits rising eco-fascist themes about immigrants in attacks on border policies

Catholic school headmaster makes Black student kneel to apologize in keeping with ‘the African way’

From the community:

Sidney Powell admits her dangerous lies about Dominion really were lies

The Language of the Night: Beowulf for a new century

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