News Roundup: Omicron, Tucker, and Marjorie (sigh) Taylor Greene, yet again

In the news today: The omicron variant of COVID-19. Tucker Carlson’s dangerous demonization of supposed enemies apparently is something for the cameras, because in his personal life? Different story. And Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to make the nation worse every time she opens her mouth, which takes some real doing. Still, she seems up for the challenge.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Study suggests how omicron became more contagious, and why it gives the immune system a hard time

Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden to help him get his son into college

How the right corrupted the idea of ‘freedom’ to promote its racist agenda

Asian Woman beaten on train; hundreds march as violence on Philadelphia SEPTA train continues

Marjorie Taylor Greene wonders why we never closed schools or businesses because of cancer

Community Spotlight:

Nation’s first college-owned Hydropower goes online

Have you ever noticed how staunchly lesbians support abortion rights?

Also trending from the community:

Trust me… I’m an Originalist

Dawn Chorus: The Skagit, Full of Fall Life

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