News Roundup: Voting rights must wait a weekend; Rep. McCarthy has Jan. 6 memory loss

News Roundup: Voting rights must wait a weekend; Rep. McCarthy has Jan. 6 memory loss

It is Friday. It will be a long three-day weekend for the do-nothing Senate, as the corruptions of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have left voting rights to hang in the balance. The Supreme Court handed down a decision slamming the rights of workers across the country, and federal courts followed that up by being exposed for their own weak labor practices. In equally dismal news, the Jan. 6, Committee continues to subpoena suspiciously forgetful individuals and organizations who have dragged their feet at requests to help in the investigation of an attempted coup d’etat in our government. In more positive news, there is talk of actually levying justice upon some of the state government officials who broke the law in their attempts to overthrow the 2020 election results.

Here is some of what you may have missed:

Schumer postpones filibuster, voting rights fight to next week
Kevin McCarthy has a new ailment: Convenient amnesia when it comes to Trump and events of Jan. 6
Fake election certificate earns Michigan Republicans a referral to federal prosecutors
Tech giants formally subpoenaed after lackluster cooperation with Jan. 6 probe
Spanish homework assignment for middle schoolers calls Americans ‘pretty’ and Mexicans ‘ugly’
Federal courts backtrack after accidentally giving their workers a chance to report misconduct​​​​​​​
Early reports say Florida Republican shot and killed during road rage incident

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