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   See Also:

    Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library - This searchable database of outstanding Internet learning sites categorizes entries by content, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools).

    Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth.

    Teacher Features - Free units, themes, helpful ideas, resources, and a newsletter.

    Strategies for Empowering Kids - Activities to challenge students' minds,empower their senses of well-being, and rekindle their hearts with a commitment to values and beliefs essential to becoming and being whole individuals.

    The Jigsaw Classroom: A Cooperative Learning Technique - Strategies and resources for reducing racial conflict, promoting better learning, and improving student motivation.

    National Center for Educational Statistics K-12 Practitioners' Home Page - Current research and statistics specially tailored for educators' interests and needs, presented with animated charts/graphs. - Online education community and retail store with classroom supplies, education news, and curriculum resources to encourage, recognize and reward teaching excellence.

    Writers in the Schools - A Houston, Texas, program which places professional writers in schools and community settings to teach creative writing and arts education. Summer workshops and professional development for teachers.

    Derrand Education Website - Free online worksheets, educational resources, books, pen pals column, club memberships and other freebies for students, teachers, parents and tutors.

    TENET Educator Resources - Extensive and diverse list of links.

    SimplifyNet - A simple search engine with results posted in categories.

    Teachers Network - Teacher-designed activities and projects, daily specials, help, grants,and resources.

    Ask ERIC - Extensive links in a multitude of subjects. Resource Center for Kids and Teachers - Worksheets, clip art, lesson plans and resources, tools, songs, poems, and crafts. Also has resources for students and parents.

    Teaching Is a Work of Heart - Includes thematic units, ideas for all holidays, humor for teachers, interactive links, free worksheets, lessons, and poems.

    Wisconsin Educational Communications Board - Provides information about professional development and classroom and technology resources related to public broadcasting programming.

    Teach with Movies - Learning guides for several relevant movies.

    Students Can Learn On Their Own - Methods and materials to help elementary and secondary school teachers and parent-teachers individualize instruction, along with information about publishers and online and correspondence courses.

    The Write Stuff - This newspaper uses humor, puzzles and up-to-date examples to teach the important strategies of good writing. Grammar help and tips on passing state writing tests are also included.

    The Smithsonian Office of Education - Professional development for teachers, lesson plans and teaching resources for grades 4-9.

    TeacherOffice - Provides teachers with a free desktop, professional web page,email, television updates, academic search engine, news and resources.

    A Teacher's Friend - Resources for elementary arts/crafts lessons and supplies.

    RHL School-Free Worksheets and More - Exercises in various subject areas and additional resources. - Links to educational sites for clip art, news, weather, email pals, jobs, to name a few.

    National Gallery of Art - Directory of Teacher Programs and Resources - List compiled for all K-12 educators and museum professionals.

    WGBH/Boston - Public Broadcasting from Boston: weekly highlights, links to websites for WGBH productions which are fully accessible to surfers with disabilities.

    Creation Wonders - Brief facts, lesson plans, and links.

    Just for Teachers - United Kingdom site with information on jobs, jargon, assessment, news, discussion board, and links.

    The Wirral Learning Grid - United Kingdom resources in specific subject areas, curriculum advice, and professional development.

    Funzy House - Provides teaching and game ideas, freeware, forum, and links to other online resources. Also markets classroom and personal care items to teachers living abroad.

    CyberBee - Provides ways to integrate technology into the classroom in several subjects including math, science, social studies, and language arts. Includes curriculum ideas, Internet treasure hunts, research tools, and technology links.

    Bellaonline's Teacher Resources - Educational articles and resources for teachers ranging from specific subjects to home schooling.

    TeacherNet - Online community for K-8 educators.

    Coyle's Where in the Web and Other Homeschool and Educational Stuff - Commentary is provided for each categorized educational link helping save time. Reference page for student and teacher.

    Teachers' Lab - Based upon professional development series and workshops broadcast on the Annenberg/CPB Channel, each lab combines online activities with background information and interactive polls or worksheets participants can use in their classrooms as well as links to related web sites.

    Teach2000 - Extensive teacher, student, and parent links for curricular subjects, classroom management, technology, journals, and free items.

    Neil's Web Site - Teachers' worksheets and resources.

    In the Mix PBS Series for Educators - Transcripts, discussion guides, and other resources to help educators integrate "In the Mix," the PBS series for teens, into the classroom.

    K-12 Teachers' Reference Section: Cultural Diversity - Subject-specific web resources.

    Pratt's Educational Resources For Teachers & Parents - A directory of links to lesson plans, activities, and homeschooling in all subject areas. Emphasis on elementary, but some links are appropriate for older students.

    Education By Design - Practical ideas and information for teaching reading, writing, spelling and math.

    Ron MacKinnon's Educational Bookmarks - Annotated links in various subjects.

    The Copernicus Education Gateway - Directory of websites offering educational resources for students, parents, and teachers.

    Canada's two official languages - Word Recognition : All the french and english words you did not know you knew.

    Puzzlemaker - A site that allows you to create puzzles and games for your newsletters, flyers, handouts,or classroom assignments.

    Theory into Practice (TIP) - A database containing brief summarizes of 50 major theories of learning and instruction that can be accessed by learning domains and concepts.

    Television Resources for K12 Educators - Schedules,guides, and resources

    NASA CORE - Central Operation of Resources for Educators - Links for students, teachers, and the community from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    TeachersFirst - Classroom resources and lesson plans for K-12. Materials, reviewed by teachers and sorted by subject area and grade level. Professional resources. Suggested research sites.

    George Lucas Educational Foundation - A storyteller for education, GLEF profiles how teachers and students around the country are enacting many inspiring stories and transforming their schools, often with a strong assist from technology.

    Dr. Michael Fenichel's Teaching Tools - Collection of resources for classroom teachers, parents, and school-based counselors.

    Scholastic Teacher - Resources ranging from lesson plans and professional links to authors and online activities.

    Handwriting Help for Kids - Overview of skills required for handwriting acquisition, teacher tips, worksheets, and tutoring service.

    Personal Educational Press - A free online utility for teachers, parents, and tutors to make flash cards, print word lists, and generate worksheets for educational games.

    TeacherPoints - By shopping at this mall of over 200 brand-name merchants, teachers earn points that can be redeemed for free classroom supplies.

    Creative Ideas from a Mentor Teacher - Mentor teacher program and search engine links.

    US Constitution Resource Center - TCNBP - Comprehensive resources and study guide download..

    Ethical Reasoning and the Art of Classroom Dialogue - Techniques for leading classroom dialogue with students in which students feel secure to express their own thoughts instead of parroting what the teacher wants to hear. How to develop students' critical thinking and ethical reasoning.

    The Collaborative Classroom - Narrative exploration of learning and thinking curricula.

    Internet School House - Extensive, categorized resources for K-12 teachers.

    Wee Moose's Educational Resources - Categorized lists of links with descriptions, a search engine, an education store, and a listserve that sends out the latest links for education. Site is mainly for teachers, but does have links for administrators and other staff.

    Skewl Sites - A database of educational websites made for teachers by teachers. Includes a newsletter and search and browse functions.

    WALDO MetaSearch - The Wayfinding Agents for Locating Distributed Objects (WALDO) project is part of a national effort to increase the effectiveness and use of information resources located on World Wide Web sites sponsored by the U. S. Department of Education. It seeks to develop easy and effective ways for educators to find the information they need when they need it.

    BBC Works - Tips for educators and parents weekly. Teen talk archive.

    Mythology's Mything Links: Teachers' Reference K-12 - This illustrated page focuses on resources for teaching myth, folklore, and the arts, but it also includes general resources. Each link is annotated by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., a professor of mythology at a small graduate institute.

    Farah's Educational Links - Links to general resources such as the U.S. Department of Education, special education, and bilingual education as well as links specific teachers' lesson plans and research sites.

    Education Review - A book review journal for new books in education.

    TagTeacherNet - Edited list of resources by subject, news, discussion forum, jobs, and support from the United Kingdom.

    The Innovative Classroom - Some thematic units, lesson plans, and teaching ideas including classroom management tips, center ideas, and organization hints. Discussion board.

    The Chalkboard - Links for science, language, math, special education, school-to-work. Classroom resources and curriculum units for students by sponsoring corporations. Education-related news, grants, and other opportunities.

    Karina's Educational Cybersite - Extensive educational links in various categories from history and general to institutes and search engines.

    Classroom Connect: Classroom Teacher: Best of the Web - A hand-picked selection of quality education-related internet sites by subject and grade level

    The BiblioCat Webpage - Directory of educational links for teachers, parents, librarians, and library/media specialist organized by categories which include authors' sites, company sites, subject areas, and school sites. Weekly newsletter.

    AP Psychology Network - Chapter notes, links, test tips,random quotes, and webrings.

    Mathematical Tale Winds - Routine and non-routine mathematical problems and concepts embedded in short and long stories for grades 2 to 5.

    Keynote Speakers for School Assembly Programs; Anti-smoking College Lecture Programs - Provides assembly program speakers, anti-smoking college lecture programs, keynote speakers. Teen smoking prevention, tobacco education and prevention. Features grandson of R.J. Reynolds, who became the first tobacco industry renegade after his father died from smoking.

    FunBrain Quiz Lab - Free, interactive elementary quizzes in 8 categories with results emailed to the teacher. Added attraction is the capacity to make a quiz with provided tools.

    Homework Online - Teachers can post their homework assignments on the internet for student/parent access and conduct online forums with students.

    EduScapes: A Site for Life-Long Learners - Links to resources, technology tools, and technology integration ideas as well as commercial learning products.

    A&E Classroom - Supplements to middle school, junior high, and high school curricula including programs, study guides, and links.

    Questioning Toolkit - Several dozen kinds of questions and questioning tools presented with graphic organizers.

    In2Edu - Database download of resources, lesson plans, free stuff, teaching ideas, themes, units, and software.

    Learn North Carolina - K-12 lesson plans, assessments, and web links, and professional development with some resources reserved for registered North Carolina members.

    HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - Links to schools, projects, professional development, teacher tools, worksheets, and lesson plans.

    Mary's Curriculum Resources - Free brainstorming assistance in an area you plan to teach. Email Mary, and she does the work. Also has a few links.

    A Personal Research Service for Teachers and Students - Custom research, internet guide, and spiritual advice. The author advises requesting information one week in advance of need.

    Family Geography Challenge - Current events, news resources, and materials from the National Geographic Society such as expedition exercises, games, and maps.

    Borders Primary Teachers Web Links - Discussion forum and primary grade links tested by teachers.

    Mr. Thomson's Web Site - Resources for primary students, parents, and teachers ranging from pupil web pages and parent bulletin board to specific subject links.

    Our Page - Extensive, weekly-updated list of links primarily useful to teachers and secondarily to students. Includes lesson plans, search engines, technology, travel, free items, and kids' homework sites.

    Frazier's Fifth Grade - Although an elementary web page, there are resources for all grade levels: language arts sites for teachers, a virtual field trip to the corn field, links to WebQuest and biomes, and Holocaust links.

    Education Depot - Eight categories provide extensive resources: student loans, products, opportunities, music, education, student insurance, music, and teaching online.

    The Teacher Channel Offers Free Stuff for Teachers - Resources including tools, lessons, television programs, and Schrock's extensive links.

    Academic Information Education: Teaching Resources - Extensive list of links to indexes and general aids such as new teacher advice, lesson plans, and teaching with technology.

    Critical Thinking Community - Events, library of articles, guidelines, essay exams, lessons, bookstore, and resources from Sonoma State University,

    Pinky's House Of Fun Teachers Page - Links to organizations and web sites providing teacher resources.

    The Teaching Library - In addition to a hot education site updated several times a week, resources for students, educators, and staff are provided.

    Apple Learning Interchange - News/events, forums, projects, units of study, Quicktime videos, professional development, and resources from Apple.

    Ed's Oasis: K-12 Teacher Resources and Opportunities - This site offers the capacity to sign up for newsletters, evaluate web sites, get conference handouts, and search for teachers. It also has master lesson plan finder.

    D & W's Teacher Resources - Tips for new teachers, details of useful books and publications, clip art and other educational resources.

    DiscoverySchool's Worksheet Generator - Create printable activities from ready-made templates.

    Teaching K-8 - Newsletter with discussion lists, activities, links, and archives.

    Success Beyond the Classroom - Special academic challenge programs for students in Minnesota schools.

    Metro Educational Cooperative Services Unit - Provides educational experiences for governmental and non-profit organizations in Minnesota ranging from a composite calendar for all members and special academic challenges for students to workshops for administrators.

    Worksheets4Teachers - Part of a large site of resources for teachers, this page has worksheet generators, bank of existing worksheets, and links to others.

    The U.S. Mint's Teachers' Section - Re-useable, cross-curricular classroom resource for teachers.

    Syvum: Complete Solution for Teachers - Online gradeook, quiz library and creation capacity, games, and downloads. Upgrades available for a fee.

    Links to Learning - Paris Independent School District educational resources indexed by subject and grade level as well as such services as virus help and search engines.

    Resource Line - Links to aids in various areas such as literacy, professional, and special needs.

    Reflections on Academic Achievement - Links by subjects and hyperlinked essay on internet capabilities, Special areas include art and musical videos and editorials on Columbine, Waco, and Oklahoma City.

    I Love That Teaching Idea! - Resources for elementary school teachers in math, science, reading, writing, spelling, and assessment, as well as workshops and recommended books.

    Standards of Practice - Print and media professional resources.

    Pratt's Educational Resources for Teachers & Parents - Worksheets, games and resources in various subjects and themes. Also includes editorials and biography of site author.

    Houghton Mifflin's Education Place - K-8 elementary educational activities, games, themes, graphic organizers, writing prompts, benchmark papers, and research.

    Cotton's Journey - Curriculum, literature resources, links to cotton and educational organizations promoting the importance of this crop.

    Literacy Teachers - Links to organizations, programs, remedial reading, and language arts as well as a chat room.

    Education Resource Guide - Library, supplies, teacher tools, directories, employment, parent-teacher conference, organizations, report card, and traditional a cyber playground resources.

    Wilson Educators Web - Links to K-12 school websites, research for teachers and students, educational entities, journals, and curriculum guides.

    The Virtual Vine - Pre-K through 2nd grade themes and units, literacy, and curriculum links.

    Integrating Internet Technology Resources - Numerous resources including online rubric creation and bank, planning templates, curriculum expectations, online software support, search engines, online activities generator, and lesson plans.

    Sites For Teachers - Numerous links to educational Web site. Ratings are recalculated every hour.

    Black History - Affers a free monthly multi-media presentation, lesson plans, assignments, grading rubrics, and activities for the classroom. It also offers biographies, research, chat, events and speakers, and educational products.

    Bytes of Info - Newsletters in all subject areas.

    Knowledgeable Neighbors Embrace the World - Cultural, religious and civic holidays, information on Islam and Judaism and related links.

    Pamela's Homepage: Teaching Matters - Classroom management ideas,free stuff, back to school ideas, and links. - Educational links

    Elementary Worksheets - Exercises organized by subject.

    A#1 Teacher Resources - Extensive directory of links to activities for reading, math, spelling, holidays, special needs children, and others.

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