Religious leaders send letter condemning Loeffler’s cheap attacks on Rev. Warnock

Religious leaders send letter condemning Loeffler’s cheap attacks on Rev. Warnock

There is an iron rule of conservatism: Nobody is allowed to criticize conservative religion because that is prejudice and oppression, but we are allowed to demonize all other religions because they are evil and contain communists.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, whose only evident religion is day trading, may be an inexperienced politician but she is rich enough to have hired Republican strategists who know these things, so she’s been leaning into attacks on opponent Raphael Warnock, an actual reverend, with wooden, scripted gusto. Religious leaders are now calling on her to knock it off.

As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, over 100 religious leaders published an open letter to Loeffler to end her “false attacks” on Rev. Warnock’s religion. Most are from Georgia. The letter also includes a condemnation of Loeffler’s support for the “radical” and “seditious” Trump efforts to “overthrow the will of the people by tossing Black votes.”

In short, Georgia’s (non-conservative) religious leaders are quite tired of Loeffler’s attacks on non-conservative religion as illegitimate. It may be a commonplace conservative election strategy, and the adoption of Lying Rapeguy von Taxcheat as conservative evangelicalism’s greatest hero demonstrates just how wide the chasm is between current “conservative” religion and most of the others, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to put up with it.

It’s quite bloody obvious that Loeffler herself does not spend even a moment’s time contemplating any of her political attacks—from attacks on Warnock’s religion to declarations that everything under the sun is now “socialist”—but simply repeats the things her strategists tell her to repeat. Honestly, that should be the subject of another letter. Now that her state’s religious leaders have called her out for repeated attacks on their spiritual views, the nation’s political leaders should deliver another letter condemning her for embarrassing politicians everywhere with her near-cyborgian delivery of scripted attack lines.

C’mon now, you have to at least pretend you believe any of the nonsense you’re spouting. This isn’t something you can hire a butler for. Loeffler’s delivery of attack lines makes Mitt Romney’s speeches look off-the-cuff. Have you seen Sen. Lindsey Graham? That guy can work himself into tears over anything, including over the divine right of a college kid to get as blackout drunk as he damn well wants to.

Whoops, got a bit sidetracked there. Anyhow, it was perhaps inevitable that an actual religious leader running for office as a Democrat would have their religion attacked vigorously, even alongside Republican demands that the sometimes Extremely Weird religious affiliations of Republicans go studiously unmentioned. Loeffler’s cheap bit is now being challenged by 100+ Americans who are tired of it. She won’t care because the attacks were never sincere to begin with, but there are Georgia voters who might.

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