Rudy Giuliani and his star witness incoherently fart their way through election hearing

Rudy Giuliani and his star witness incoherently fart their way through election hearing

Donald Trump has lost bigly. Since the day after the election Trump, along with his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and a few other people who are really way out in Conspiracyville, have tried to spin a tale of massive voter fraud. The hope is that they can overturn millions of votes and, in so doing, successfully accomplish a coup d’etat of our democracy.

One of the transparently racist attempts at disenfranchising Americans in order to install Trump as an authoritarian oligarch was when Giuliani and friends worked to have the entirety of Wayne County, Michigan’s election results thrown out. The main reason they want this is that Wayne County has the most people voting Democratic of any section of Michigan. It’s also one of the most populous counties in the United States as a whole. Also, Wayne County is over 40% Black. On Wednesday, Giuliani and his wackadoos paraded a crew of evidence-free “witnesses” for almost six hours in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee. 

Since Michigan has already certified the results of its election, what Giuliani and team hope to sow is clear: confusion and conspiracy, the two real sales pitches of this administration. It’s how they make money! But wow, what a wild watch Wednesday was!

Mellissa Carone has been the star witness for the Trump/Giuliani conspiracy theory. Carone was reportedly hired as a temporary worker to help with “IT support” of the Dominion voting machine count in Michigan. She was supposedly one of a few people running ballots through the machines. Unfortunately, Mellissa Carone is not presenting much in the way of evidence of massive voter fraud, and she’s not particularly credible as a witness. A couple of weeks ago she appeared on Lou Dobbs’ Fox News program, and even he seemed confused as to what the hell she was talking about.

Michigan Malfeasance: Mellissa Carone, a Michigan whistleblower and her attorney, David Kallman provide an exclusive inside look at widespread voter fraud she claims to have witnessed in Michigan. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

— Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) November 11, 2020

She signed a sworn affidavit and then her testimony was called “simply not credible” by Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny. Meanwhile, Lou Dobbs allegedly captured and tortured Howdy Doody’s soul and then ate it back in the 1960s. Is that true? I don’t know, it’s just something my eyes think is right and that’s how this all works, right?

On Wednesday, Giuliani and Carone appeared in front of Michigan legislators to be unsteady, gassy (yes, turn up the sound), entitled, and evidence-free. Watch!

I present this clip of Rudy Giuliani testifying without editing or commentary. (Watch for the 👀)

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) December 3, 2020

You heard that right. But Carone is today’s bizarre, funny, and ultimately sad story.

I really truly can’t get enough of this. The confidence and entitlement is just astounding!

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) December 3, 2020

And a reminder: This whole thing is an exercise in bigotry in service of elitism and anti-democracy.

“I think Chinese all look alike. How can you tell? If some Chow shows up, you can be anybody and you can vote.” -one of Rudy Giuliani’s witnesses yesterday insisting there must have been voter fraud in Michigan Yes, it’s an actual

— Edward-Isaac Dovere (@IsaacDovere) December 3, 2020

Just like everything in the Trump administration, this is a narcissistic power grab of greed and ego, performed at a time when the United States is seeing record numbers of dead Americans due to the incompetent and criminal handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by Trump. When Donald Trump came into power on a bag full of obvious lies and mistruths, we were through the looking glass. What we are seeing here are the people, hangers-on, and charlatans stuck inside of a room filled with mirrors—and they are aghast at what they are seeing.

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