StarTalk Podcast: Cosmic Queries – Dark Matter, Aliens, End of the Universe

StarTalk Podcast: Cosmic Queries – Dark Matter, Aliens, End of the Universe

On this episode of StarTalk Radio, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice are answering a grab bag full of fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on topics ranging from dark matter to the end of the universe.

What is dark matter? Could it be another universe’s gravity bleeding into our own universe? You’ll learn what the leading possibilities are to explain dark matter. Neil and Chuck dive into field theory. Discover more about our expanding universe. We discuss our eventual collision with the Andromeda galaxy. Neil explains how the universe might have removed chapters from its own history, forever hiding it from us.

What would it be like if you grew up on Venus? Because of the thick atmosphere, would you be aware of other places in the galaxy? We ponder if we can use gravitational waves to communicate with life in other universes. You’ll also find out how the electromagnetic spectrum serves as a window to the universe.

To kick off the last segment, Neil gets asked a big question: How does it all end? You’ll hear why the universe will end not in a bang, but, with a whimper. You’ll also hear about “The Big Rip.” Lastly, we explore the SN 1987A – the most recent supernova witnessed by humans. All that plus, we investigate the relationship between science and art.

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