There was no peaceful transfer of power; Trump goaded mob into an attack on U.S. Capitol today

There was no peaceful transfer of power; Trump goaded mob into an attack on U.S. Capitol today

A brief roundup of news from today’s unprecedented and grimly historic day in this nation’s capital city.

• Trump began the day by threatening Vice President Mike Pence and Congress with demands that the election be overturned based on false claims of supposed “fraud.” Pence released a statement confirming that he had no unilateral ability to do so.

• Immediately after Trump’s remarks to a pro-Trump mob that included members of some of this nation’s most infamous violent and fascist groups, the mob marched to the U.S. Capitol and breached police lines to enter and vandalize the building.

House and Senate lawmakers were forced to evacuate the building as pro-Trump traitors pushed through the building. Gunfire was exchanged at one point; one seditionist was shot and killed.

Seditionists roamed through the Capitol for hours, rummaging through offices and taking photographs, while capitol police did little to stop them.

• President-elect Joe Biden was among those who did not waste time with euphemisms, instead calling the pro-Trump attackers “an insurrection.”

• After hours of delay to re-secure the U.S. Capitol, Congress resumed debating Republican objections to counting the votes of state electors.

• There may or may not already be movement by Trump’s cabinet to immediately remove him from office by declaring him unfit for office as specified in the 25th Amendment.

• As many as 30 House Democrats are already supporting a move to immediately, and again, impeach Donald Trump for his incitement of violence today.

Some among the seditionists apparently intended to take lawmakers hostage, hold show trials, and execute them.

Photos show pro-Trump seditionists inside offices, taking selfies on the evacuated House floor, and vandalizing the building’s contents.

• Trump responded to the crowd’s assault by telling them “I love you. You’re very special.”

World leaders condemned the attack on democracy.

• Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, the first senator to announce that he would object to the lawful counting of electoral votes, was condemned by the Kansas City Star for having “blood on his hands.”

• The differences between law enforcement’s treatment of insurrectionists openly declaring their intent to topple the U.S. government and that of Black Americans who protested police brutality this summer were dramatic, and unforgivable.

• While Trump is undoubtably directly responsible for the attack on the capitol, racist policing enabled it.

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