Using City Directories to Find Clues to Bust Genealogy Brick Walls

Using City Directories to Find Clues to Bust Genealogy Brick Walls

Using US city directories to tackle your genealogy brick walls. Discover how I can quickly research multiple possible relatives to rule in and rule out relationships essential details. Also discover why MyHeritage makes city directory research lightning fast!

0:00 Are you using city directories for you genealogy brick wall cases?
1:56 My Goals for Researching City Directories for my Brick Wall Ancestor
3:28 Where to Find City Directories Online
4:37 Using Google to Find City Directories for Genealogy
7:13 Mapping Ancestors Found in City Directories
10:46 Using MyHeritage City Directories to Research Ancestors
13:11 Knowledge Gathered for My Brick Wall from City Directories

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Originally posted 2020-10-05 18:00:10.