WATCH LIVE: Arianespace to Launch Soyuz rocket flight VS24 #FalconEye @08:33pm ET

WATCH LIVE: Arianespace to Launch Soyuz rocket flight VS24 #FalconEye @08:33pm ET

Arianespace Soyuz 2 rocket will launch the FalconEye satellite during flight #VS24. The rocket will lift off from the Soyuz launch complex (ELS) in Sinnamary, French Guiana.

Launch window begins at 08:33pm ET (01:33am UTC)

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FalconEye is a high performance optical Earthobservation satellite system for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAEAF) manufacturedby the consortium of Airbus Defence and Space and Thales Alenia Space.

The satellite is equipped with an Earth observation payload, with very-high-resolution optical capabilities and completed by a ground system for monitoring, receiving and processing images. Itwill be controlled and managed by Emirati operators.The FalconEye satellite, to be orbited by Flight VS24, will be the space component of the system, and will have a dual mission: support the needs of UAE Armed Forcesand provide commercial imagery for the market. Weighing approximately 1,190 kg atlaunch, it will be placed in a Sun-synchronous orbit at 611km fromthe Earth.

Following liftoff from the Guiana space center, the powered phase of the lower three Soyuz stages will last approximately 8 minutes. The launcher’s third stage will then be separatedfrom the upper composite, which comprises the Fregat upper stage and the satellite. The three lower Soyuz stages and the payload fairing will then fall into the sea.

This mission will be the eighth launch of the year for Arianespace.

Courtesy of Arianespace
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