Your Ancestors’ Neighborhood Revealed in Google Earth – PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW VIDEO

Your Ancestors’ Neighborhood Revealed in Google Earth – PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW VIDEO

PLEASE NOTE: The blank white placemarks shown contain images. Unfortunately, images didn’t stream successfully from Google Earth to YouTube. SEE THE SHOW NOTES for screen shots of how images look in placemarks in Google Earth.
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In this video you’ll learn how to use Google Earth to learn about your family history and your ancestors’ neighborhood! We are going to have some fun exploring one of my ancestors’ neighborhoods. Along the way I think you’ll pick up some interesting ideas on how you can explore your ancestors’ lives in a deeper way by getting to know their neighbors. I’ll show you how to use old historical maps (like the David Rumsey collection), photos, images, videos and more in Google Earth. Google Earth Pro is free and this video will show you how to use it for genealogy and family history research.

Episode 22 – Discover more about your ancestors by learning more about their neighbors.
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The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox by Lisa Louise Cooke.

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