7 Free Websites to View Historical Maps for Genealogy Research Online

7 Free Websites to View Historical Maps for Genealogy Research Online

Find historical maps for genealogy research online for free. Frugal genealogists like free resources, and you can access seven websites to find old maps.

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0:00 Genealogy is about Time and Place so Use Historical Records
0:35 Access Free Historical Maps for Genealogy
0:45 How to Find Free Historic Maps on Google
2:51 How to Use Google Maps for Genealogy Research
4:25 Access Free Historic Maps on the Internet Archives
5:32 Get a FREE Guide to Online Genealogy Resources
5:56 Find Free Historical World Maps on David Rumsey
6:51 How to Find Free Historic Maps at the Libary of Congress
8:07 Where are the Free Sandborn Fire Insurance Maps online?
9:35 Find More Historical Maps for Genealogy

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