Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Debbie doesn’t do vaccines, nor her family. What happens when COVID visits?

Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Debbie doesn’t do vaccines, nor her family. What happens when COVID visits?

Facebook is a menace. COVID-19 is a menace. Conservatism is a cesspool. Together, those three ingredients have created a toxic stew of malevolent death and devastation. We can talk about all those things in the abstract, look at the numbers and statistics, and catch the occasional whiff of seditionist right-wing rhetoric. But I hadn’t really fully understood just how horrifying that combination of right-wing extremism, Facebook, and a killer virus was until I became a regular at the Herman Cain Awards subreddit. This series will document some of those stories, so we are aware of what the other side is doing to our country.

Today’s cautionary tale—and holy shit it’s a doozy—is Debbie.

Debbie was confused by a form that would have Medicare Part B pay for her flu shot because it also asked if she was experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. (Vaccinating with a compromised immune system is not particularly safe.)

If this tripped her up, you know she was in for a rough ride. 

There is no “aborted baby” in the vaccine, of course. The vaccines were developed using several lab-grown fetal cell lines from aborted fetuses in 1972 and 1985. The Vatican itself, staunch opponent of abortion, declared that “all vaccinations recognized as clinically safe and effective can be used in good conscience with the certain knowledge that the use of such vaccines does not constitute formal cooperation with the abortion from which the cells used in production of the vaccines derive.” Even more affirming, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops—a group of arch-conservative religious dinosaurs at war with Pope Francis—said the same, “In view of the gravity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines, the reasons to accept the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are sufficiently serious to justify their use,” and said the vaccines’ connection to abortion were “very remote.”

She seems nice.

This meme is a popular one with this crowd. God forbid they read about peer-reviewed studies showing the benefits of universal mask-wearing to limit the spread of contaminated air droplets—COVID’s favorite way to jump from person to person. 

Of course those other masks would do the trick! They can wear those if they want! But it’s far more practical to wear a simple piece of cloth. 

Well then, that should protect her family. 

(Play ominous music …)

OMG, this person’s god has a sick sense of humor. Just three days after posting the psalm that supposedly protected her family (all she had to do was repost!), turns out her sister has COVID-19 pneumonia!

Luckily, she now had a diagnosis, because her god is also apparently unable to perform miracles without very specific instructions …

So maybe this can turn into a redemption story? Sorry. No.

Her sister is fighting for her life against COVID-19, yet she’s clinging to her anti-vaxxer ideology. Unfathomable. 

Eight days after she posted her psalm prohibiting COVID-19 from infecting her family, and just four days after reaffirming being an anti-vaxxer, her sister died. And we’re just getting started. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that by remaining anti-vaxxer, they can absolve themselves of any responsibility for the deaths of their loved ones. 

One sister has already died. Her other sister, her father, and she herself are now also infected. 

These people are in so much pain. All so avoidable. 

It’s almost as if reposting a psalm wasn’t as effective as vaccination might’ve been? 

Sorry to be glib—her sister and father are gone in the span of three weeks. 

Yes. ICU sucks, hence the desire for people to vaccinate against this horrid disease. 

She doesn’t publicly admit it, but I do wonder: Is there a point when she realizes that maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t be in all this pain and misery and unbearable sadness at losing half her family if only they had all taken that free jab? Or is “aborted baby” all she needs to justify this unimaginable suffering? 

Are people’s rote Facebook “prayers” really any comfort?

The ventilator is never a good place to be. Even if she survives, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. No amount of praying will change that cold, harsh reality.

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