Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Hero daughter fights to save her parents from COVID misinformation

Facebook is a menace. COVID-19 is a menace. Conservatism is a cesspool. Together, those three ingredients have created a toxic stew of malevolent death and devastation. We can talk about all those things in the abstract, look at the numbers and statistics, and catch the occasional whiff of seditionist right-wing rhetoric. But I hadn’t really fully understood just how horrifying that combination of right-wing extremism, Facebook, and a killer virus was until I became a regular at the Herman Cain Awards subreddit. This series will document some of those stories, so we are aware of what the other side is doing to our country.

Today’s cautionary tale should’ve listened to their smart daughter.

Sunshine disinfects. Should’ve listened to her own avatar. 

People, a health and safety mandate is literally like eliminating privately owned businesses and nationalizing everything. Literally.

Good news: He didn’t win. 

This article that is all about how the shadowy “they’” are controlling you is totally not political at all. And in case you’re wondering who “they” are, well, this excerpt should clear everything up:

They (whoever “they” are) decide what you can read and what you cannot. “They” are controlling the information and the news. “They” determine what articles will “trend” and what articles will be trashed. “They” are in charge. “They” manage the ideas. “They” will not permit anyone to read anything of which they disapprove. “They” are watching you. “They” are censoring you. “They” are silencing you. “They” are canceling you. “They” won’t even let you write something about the scientific facts of natural immunity. Say something “They” don’t like and you, my friend, are verboten.

Let that sink in for a minute or two. Sift it around a bit. Consider its import before you simply move on to the next mind-numbing blurb on your smartphone.

Let that great and totally rational definition of “they” sink in. 

And no, there isn’t any effort to define it past that. 

Trust, but verify. Sure! Would he be willing to go to jail for vaccination fraud, the way (Republicans, almost always) end up in jail for voter fraud? 

He loved it so much the first time, needed a redux.

“’Communism’ is anything I don’t like!”—every conservative, ever. 

Enter our hero, a med tech in med school. 

Those stats should be the beginning and end of any “debate” on the efficacy of vaccines. But not for her mom and dad.

Daughter, who has medical training and all the stats, says something.

Mom, with none of that: FALSE!

Friend: I know a guy.

Dad: I also know some guys! 

That was the last message mom ever left her daughter. 

Six weeks later…

The problem with conservatism—they all think they know better and have “done their research” until they are personally affected. All of a sudden, yeah sure, maybe they should’ve listened to people who do this shit for a living. 

This is better than the alternative we see so often—people clinging to their anti-vaxx dogma on their death beds. But it’s still infuriating.

Dad was full of shit when he talked about all the doctors who were saying don’t vaccinate. He was citing Facebook quacks, many of who don’t even exist.  He was full of shit when he said he had all those “multiple” friends who were paralyzed and damaged by the vaccine. Either it was total fantasy, or again, misinformation he saw on Facebook and simply decided to claim them as “friends” on the retelling. 

And if their own daughter, a medical professional, couldn’t get through the propaganda machine, what chance does anyone else? That’s why a mandate is the only way out of this. 

Some people think gasping for air as COVID ravages your heart is worth it for some great anti-immigrant, anti-voting, anti-liberal memes. At last dad here did not. 


Mom was just 41 years old. And she died for what? Seriously, for what? 

To prevent America from becoming communist. Okay. Thanks for your sacrifice. I’m sure a statue will be erected in her honor, sheesh. 

It’s just a stupid waste. 

While these entries are redacted for privacy, People Magazine actually wrote up the story of the heroic daughter trying to save her parents, and dad was featured on a local newscast advocating for vaccination. It obviously outs them, but they’ve willingly done so to promote vaccination. 

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