Bill seeking to block gender-affirming care for transgender youth gains momentum in Alabama

Bill seeking to block gender-affirming care for transgender youth gains momentum in Alabama

In the slew of anti-trans legislation springing up around the country, most measures focus on one of two areas. There are a number of anti-trans sports bills that aim to keep transgender girls out of girls’ sports. There are also a number of bills aiming to make it a felony for physicians to prescribe gender-affirming care, like hormones, to transgender and nonbinary youth. One example of this is slowly but surely moving forward in Alabama.

On Tuesday, the Alabama state House Health Committee gave approval for bill HB 1. The bill next moves to the Alabama House floor, as reported by

As some background on this bill, physicians who prescribe gender-affirming care could face up to 10 years in prison. The bill would also require physicians to essentially “out” transgender youth seeking such care to their parents or guardians. The Health Committee did include an amendment to remove criminal liability for pharmacists who fill prescriptions for gender-affirming care for youth, like hormones. The bill would explicitly ban gender-affirming surgeries for transgender youth, though it’s worth noting that these actually don’t happen in the state to begin with. The bill also added an amendment to specify that the legislation does not refer to circumcisions. 

You might remember that when the House Judiciary Committee first met to discuss this legislation, one father went viral for speaking on behalf of his transgender daughter. Similarly, a father recently went viral also speaking on behalf of his transgender daughter in Missouri. 

Given that we have more than 20 anti-trans bills clinging on across the nation, we may see more parents and concerned friends and family members step up as allies for transgender youth. While that’s certainly lovely, inspiring, and valuable, the real goal is for these bills to be decidedly shut down. But, as has already happened in Mississippi, not all of these bills have fizzled before the governor’s desk. In fact, Republican Gov. Tate Reeves actually signed an anti-trans sports bill into law in early March. In South Dakota, advocates and allies are seriously worried about an anti-trans birth certificate bill approaching the desk of Republican Gov. Kristi Noem as well.

Now, an anti-trans sports bill passed in 2020 in Idaho and has been subsequently blocked. That’s great. But the more these bills gain prominence and squeak into law, the more this exclusionary, discriminatory stance will become a norm and rallying cry for the GOP. 

If you’re looking to learn more about trans rights, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to use nonbinary pronouns, as well as some general tips on allyship. You can also check out our write-up on how to support transgender loved ones. Daily Kos also has a list of free mental health resources.

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