Breaking: Gray Wolves Delisted

Breaking: Gray Wolves Delisted

BREAKING: The administration just officially stripped gray wolves in the lower 48 of their federal Endangered Species Act protection — leaving gray wolves at the mercy of states, some with increasingly hostile anti-wolf policies.

We’ll never stop fighting against anti-wolf extremists and politicians working to turn back the clock on wolf recovery.  Our tireless fight for imperiled wildlife is only possible because of supporters like you.

Thanks for your compassion and your steadfast support for the wildlife we love.

Help fight the federal delisting of gray wolves:

Video Transcript:
Gray wolves are under attack… again.

Despite the biodiversity crisis and public and scientific outcry the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just finalized a decision that removes important Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves.

Stripping protections is recklessly premature and will completely undermine wolf recovery.

This short-sighted political move will place gray wolves in jeopardy throughout their range and at the mercy of states with hostile anti-wolf policies.

We CANNOT and WE WILL NOT allow wolves to be abandoned, and their recovery to be undercut.

We will fight this decision and sue the Service to defend this iconic species.

Click the link today and join us to protect wolves throughout the country.

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Originally posted 2020-10-29 18:20:20.