Can you hear the chants of ‘resign’ as Ted Cruz blames his kids for Cancún fiasco?

Can you hear the chants of ‘resign’ as Ted Cruz blames his kids for Cancún fiasco?

Decades of inaction by corrupt politicians, groveling at the oily feet of the fossil fuel industry led to a natural disaster-turned epic disaster in Texas. A winter storm took advantage of an archaic fossil fuel-soaked energy grid. Then conservative officials, their party, and their media propaganda machines attempted to place blame for this failure on renewable energy—which makes up less than 20 percent of the grid. Meanwhile, millions of Texans were left without power, and politicians who didn’t seem particularly interested in doing anything but pointing fingers outside at everyone, while seemingly doing next to nothing productive to stop this disaster from claiming more lives.

Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz spent the first few days doing their performative best to distract the country and their constituents from the seriousness of their failures as government officials. And then images of Ted Cruz, reportedly on a plane, headed to Cancún, Mexico circulated around the internet. Sen. Cruz and his team of people that work with Ted Cruz pretended not to know anything was happening in the news, ignoring calls from every media outlet on the planet, while the world’s least popular political official attempted to slither back into the country. Then Cruz put out a statement blaming his children for wanting to go to Mexico because Texas schools had been canceled. Sen. Cruz explained that he was simply accompanying his two young daughters down to Mexico where they were going to stay with school friends and parents. Ted explained he was just along for the ride and had always planned to come right back. Nobody believes you, Ted.

And then things got worse for Sen. Cruz.

First, parents at Cruz’s daughters’ private school were super pissed, sending copies of the school’s written policy to reporters outlining how Cruz’s move to have an impromptu vacation would technically take his daughters out of school for a lot longer than the weekend—you know international travel and COVID-19 and all of that. Then the images of Cruz’s walk of shame, dragging a very robust rolling luggage bag—pretty large for someone planning on turning right around. Maybe he always travels with the chains he “forged in life,” that he made “link by link, and yard by yard”?

Here’s Ted Cruz deplaning with police escort. Right now they’re waiting at customs.

— Nora Neus (@noraneus) February 18, 2021

Finally, reports came out that Sen. Ted Cruz’s original return ticket, the one that suddenly got bumped up was booked for Saturday. That’s in a lot of days from now. This bit of news led to my favorite meme of the day.

Ted Cruz on Expedia this morning….

— Luke-warm Takes (@Luke2013CSU) February 18, 2021

Calling Sen. Ted Cruz a hypocrite is offensive to the concept of hypocrisy at this point. He’s either a sociopath or something so hard to diagnose there will be an entire wing of psychology devoted to it at some point in the future.

Finally, Teddy shoed up on American soil where he stood in front of reporters with his spanking brand new Patagonia puffer jacket and said he “made a mistake.” But more importantly, as people chanted “resign, resign,” Ted Cruz said he made the mistake of trying to be a “good father.” Sounds a little bit like you don’t think you made a mistake. In fact it sounds a lot like your daughters made the mistake of thinking their dad wouldn’t use them as a publicity human shield to protect his political career from the slings and arrows of his historic failures as a human being and politician.

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