Candidate recruitment critical ahead of this latest Most Important Election In Our Lifetimes

Candidate recruitment critical ahead of this latest Most Important Election In Our Lifetimes

It might seem trite, but it’s not. Yes, the last election was the most important election in our lifetimes, and so was 2016 and 2018. The difference in outcomes, depending on who wins, is monumental. And at this point, it’s clear that even the Chris Cillizzas of the pundit world are realizing that the very fate of American democracy is on the ballot. 

Democrats have done well the past three cycles in huge part because of fantastic candidate recruitment, with our Democratic Party reaching beyond the traditional ranks of candidates (white, wealthy, lawyers and prosecutors) to candidates that reflect the broad diversity of both our coalition and, even more importantly, America

Today, on Daily Kos’ The Brief, our weekly podcast about politics, Kerry Eleveld and I will talk with Amanda Litman of Run for Something, one of those organizations that emerged during the first year of the Trump Resistance that has helped recruit, train, and support amazing candidates like Virginia’s Danica Roem.  

Congratulations to @RunforSomething founders @amandalitman + @RossMoRock for a huge night! 25 of the local candidates they helped to recruit and run won.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) November 8, 2017

You can watch the show live at 1:30PT/4:30ET:

Kerry and I will also discuss the Republican Party’s current dangerous trajectory. Remember how they used to claim that America was “center right”? They don’t claim that anymore. They don’t even pretend. At this point, they realize they’ve lost the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans, and are doing everything they can to undermine, and maybe even destroy, American democracy. 

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