Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

A Misogynist’s Nightmare

Remember a million years ago when the U.S. Mint finally put a woman—Susan B. Anthony—on the silver dollar, but confusion reigned because they shrunk the coin down to virtually the same size as a quarter and the vending-machine industry went ballistic? It was the darkest period in our nation’s history, but somehow we muddled through. And now…it’s payback time.

With the America the Beautiful state quarter series (celebrating our national parks) having wrapped up a few months ago, the Mint is now just months away from putting a woman on the actual quarter. And then…another woman. And another. And another. I like where this is headed. So will you.


Here’s why:

The American Women Quarters Program is a four-year program—beginning in 2022, and continuing through 2025—that celebrates the accomplishments and contributions made by women to the development and history of our country. The women honored will be from ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse backgrounds.

The first distinguished American women celebrated on the 2022 quarters will be:

Proposed Angelou and Ride quarters.

Maya Angelou—celebrated author

Dr. Sally Ride—first American woman in space

Wilma Mankiller—first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

Adelina Otero-Warren—a leader in New Mexico’s suffrage movement

Anna May Wong—first Chinese American film star in Hollywood

“Courageous women have made countless contributions throughout our great Nation’s history,” said Mint Director David J. Ryder. “The American Women Quarters Program is a unique opportunity to honor a diverse group of women whose achievements, triumphs, and legacies reflect the strength and resilience of our Nation. We look forward to sharing their stories.”

As the quarters are ramping up, we’ll also be anticipating the arrival of several trailblazing women on our paper money, including Harriet Tubman, who will chase Andrew Jackson around with a rug beater until he cowers on the back of the twenty while she takes her proper place in front. Fun times ahead, and C&J will keep you posted on their imminent arrival. To “coin” a phrase that makes “cents”: you can “bank” on it!

Thank you. And now, our feature presentation…

Cheers and Jeers for Thursday, June 17, 2021

Note: Today is Eat Your Vegetables Day. Santa Claus has been monitoring you for compliance via a ficus plant spycam and putting your name on the appropriate list for future reference. If you really want to see that Hammacher Schlemmer hovercraft under the tree in six months, get chompin’.  —Mgt.

By the Numbers:

70 percent by July 4th…or Britain un-brexits us.

Days ’til 70 percent of Americans must be vaccinated or ownership of the United States reverts back to Great Britain: 17

Chronological rank of Vermont among states that have achieved 80% vaccination: #1

Percent of Texas prisons that lack air conditioning, resulting in an indoor heat index that can reach 150 degrees in the summer: 75%

Time it takes a right-handed batter and left-handed batter, respectively, to reach first base: 4.3 seconds / 4.1-4.2 seconds

Average time it takes to complete a double-play: 4.3 seconds

Number of science labs on the Starship Enterprise, according to Capt. Kirk: 14

Your Thursday Molly Ivins Moment:

Another splendid example of how not to handle a problem was set by our Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Mr. Manners himself.

The Iraqi National Museum was looted by thieves after the DOD ignored pleas from archaeologists who had repeatedly warned of just that danger. At which point, any civilized government would say, “What a terrible thing: We’re so sorry that happened. Even though it was not our fault, we–like all civilized people–regret and mourn the irreplaceable loss to the history of civilization.” That’s all that was needed.

Instead, Rumsfeld became defensive and then sarcastic, trying to belittle the loss. “My goodness,” he said, affecting astonishment, “were there that many vases? Is it possible there were that many vases in the whole country?”

Is that what one says about the loss of artifacts from 7,000 years of civilization? Is this really the face of America we want to show the rest of the world?

June 2003

Puppy Pic of the Day:

Super nanny, “no climbing tiny human”💙

— CCTV_IDIOTS (@cctv_idiots) June 11, 2021

CHEERS to The Joe and Vlad Show. Of all the lousy luck—I was supposed to mediate the discussions between Presidents Biden and Putin in Geneva yesterday, but I forgot I had a mani-pedi at the mini-mall across the street here in Portland, so…sad trombone. But I hear it went well enough without me:

President Joe Biden told reporters Wednesday that the tone of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland Wednesday was “good, positive,” despite discussion of a long list of thorny topics ranging from cyberattacks to human rights abuses. “I told President Putin my agenda is not against Russia or anyone else. It’s for the American people,” Biden said. […]

Aww, looks like someone’s been put back on the leash.

Biden said he raised a number of issues with Putin, including the cases of Paul Whelan and Trevor Reed, Americans imprisoned in Russia; arms control measures; Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny; the importance of a free press; cybersecurity; Russian attempts to destabilize democratic elections; Ukraine; and Belarus, among other topics.

The success of Wednesday’s talks, Biden said, would be determined in the next few months based on whether Putin’s confrontational posture towards the U.S. improves.

So, anyway. My mani-pedi went great—the cuticles are all cleaned up and I got a cute ladybug pattern on my nails just in time for summer. Ahhh, the life of an absent-minded mediator is the life for me.

CHEERS to today’s edition of Hey, How’s Joe Doing on Judges?  Hey, let’s find out…

Biden nominated as many minority women to be judges in four months as Trump had confirmed in four years.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 15, 2021

This has been today’s edition of Hey, How’s Joe Doing on Judges?

CHEERS to the beginning of the end.  Forty-nine years ago today, five burglars were arrested inside DNC headquarters at the Watergate complex:

They possessed burglary tools, cameras, film and pen-size tear gas guns.

Ah, the old bug in the nickel trick. Diabolical.

In rooms the men had rented at a motel across Virginia Avenue from the burglary scene, police found electronic bugging equipment.

Three of those arrested were Cuban exiles and one was a Cuban-American. Their leader was James McCord, a former CIA agent and a security coordinator for President Richard Nixon’s Committee for the Reelection of the President.

Prosecutors also charged E. Howard Hunt Jr., a former White House aide, and G. Gordon Liddy, a CREEP finance counsel, as accomplices.

It was the start of a chain of events that led to Nixon’s resignation, punctuated by the now-shocking notion that prominent members of Nixon’s own party would help drag the scandal into the sunlight instead of burying it in the backyard under a smokescreen of spin and faux-outrage at Democrats.  When the crisis had passed, Republicans paused a moment to reflect on the fact that they’d done something right and honorable…and vowed to never make that mistake again.


Always brush twice a day. 😜🦛🪥

— Fred Schultz (@fred035schultz) June 15, 2021


CHEERS to dates worth adding to the Day-Off Hall of Fame. I admit I didn’t see this coming. The United States will have a new federal holiday (our 12th) once the resolution that just passed in the Senate makes it (easily) through the House and to President Biden’s desk for his signature:

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday establishing June 19 as Juneteenth National Independence Day, a US holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

And now also Holi Day

The legislation has gained momentum since the massive Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd last year and the Democrats’ takeover of the White House and Congress. […]

On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger announced in Galveston, Texas, the end of slavery in accordance with President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation.

When Louis DeJoy found out that no one will ever again get their mail delivered that day, paramedics had to use the Jaws of Life to pry the smirk off his face.

CHEERS to William’s Words of Warfare Wisdom.  The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought 246 years ago today. (Yes, yes, we know—it was actually Breed’s Hill.)  Many lessons of warfare were learned that fateful day ending in y.  For instance, the colonial minutemen learned that their steely-eyed resolve and unconventional tactics could do real damage to the British.  And what did the British learn?  Mostly that bright red uniforms are a really, really bad idea.

Fifteen years ago in C&J: June 17, 2006

JEERS to closing the barn door after the horse has left.  Says here that PNAC—the cutthroat neocon lunatic star chamber founded by Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Scooter Libby, Bill Bennett, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Dan Quayle, all of whom helped engineer the Iraq war by flogging the big lie about WMDs—are boarding up the joint.  Do the world a favor, guys…seal yourselves inside. 

And just one more…

CHEERS to remembering the great terrorist attack of 6/17.  On June 17, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama—after less than five months in office—single-handedly stopped an invasion on American soil. In fact, he stopped an attack on the very heart of our government. Remember? The culprit was an intruder who flew in under the cover of darkness while the Secret Service was off drinking and whoring—a grotesque, hairy, devious, foul-mouthed creature intent on sucking the life out of our homeland’s inhabitants. But Obama was onto the plan, and slapped it down with ruthless speed and efficiency.  In fact, it was caught on tape…

Thanks to his patriotism and quick thinking, the republic endures.

Have a nice Thursday. Floor’s open…What are you cheering and jeering about today?

Today’s Shameless C&J Testimonial

“We’re culturally looking back at Cheers and Jeers, that we all took as totally normal, fun and just cool. We’re all looking back at it now and being like, ‘Oh, we all cosigned that? Oh, that’s terrible.’”

Tina Fey

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