Cool Google Docs Tools to Edit and Improve Your Family History Story

Cool Google Docs Tools to Edit and Improve Your Family History Story

Discover the tools in Google Docs that make writing and editing your family history book fast and easy. You’ll learn tools that help you add genealogy sources, collaborate, insert reminders, find definitions, and more.

0:00 Using Google Docs for writing family histories
0:30 What’s the goal of the first draft in writing?
1:06 Inserting Genealogy Citations in Google Docs
2:07 Inserting Comments on Google Docs – reminders and collaborate
3:54 Using Find and Replace on Google Docs to fix family history writing
5:33 Use the Google Docs Dictionary to improve family history writing
6:15 Insert accent marks to names and surnames in Google Docs
7:08 Highlighting text to create visual reminders while writing family histories
8:04 View the edit history in Google Docs to restore previous changes


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