Global National: March 26, 2021 | Virus variants leaving Canada at risk of dangerous COVID-19 surge

Global National: March 26, 2021 | Virus variants leaving Canada at risk of dangerous COVID-19 surge

On this episode of Global National: We have new insight tonight into where Canada stands in the race between vaccines and coronavirus variants — and it isn’t looking good. Over the last two weeks, daily cases have jumped more than 30 per cent. With highly contagious variants in the mix, Canada is at risk of a dangerous COVID-19 surge. New data out of Ontario is fuelling concerns about the new variants. A group of experts has found the risk of hospitalization and death is much higher than the original version of the virus. Mike Le Couteur has our top story.

Also, a series of racially motivated attacks against Black Muslim women in the province of Alberta has the province on edge. At least seven women have been targeted in Calgary and Edmonton since December. In the most recent incident, a teenage girl was threatened and physically assaulted. The Muslim community says Islamophobia and anti-Black racism have always been a problem in the province, but the pandemic has made it worse. Heather Yourex-West explains.

Plus, the Ever Given is causing ever-growing chaos in the Suez Canal. It is now going on four days since the massive container ship became stuck, cutting off one of the most important shipping routes. So far, efforts to free the ship have failed and as Eric Sorensen reports, the toll is growing by the day.

Turning to U.S. news, nearly five months after Donald Trump lost his bid for presidential re-election, Republicans are working overtime to apparently suppress voter rights. In the state of Georgia, there are tough new measures that will make it harder for supporters of Democrats and minorities to cast a ballot. Jackson Proskow explains.

Over the last year, Bitcoin’s value has increased eight-fold and critics say how it’s mined using powerful computers is leaving a huge carbon footprint. But as Redmond Shannon reports, the technology that underpins the currency called blockchain has the potential to tackle climate change.

And so often we forget Canada’s history of slavery. Now, members of parliament have officially designated Aug. 1 as emancipation day. It was on that day in 1834 that Britain abolished slavery across its empire. As Ross Lord reports, descendants of slaves hope there is real change when it comes to the racism they still face today.


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