House managers have asked for at least one witness, derailing plans to rush to conclusion today

House managers have asked for at least one witness, derailing plans to rush to conclusion today

On Saturday morning, lead House impeachment manager Rep. Jaime Raskin stepped forward to surprise the Senate with a request for a deposition. The possibility of calling witnesses was always theoretically part of the process, and this is the point where it was supposed to happen. But until this morning, there had been an assumption that witnesses would be skipped in favor of a “get past this” strategy that would see closing arguments this morning, and a final vote on Donald Trump’s conviction by this afternoon.

However, at least three things happened in the last 24 hours to change those assumptions. First, Trump’s legal team put on a show that was loaded with both lies, aspersions, and irrelevant statements that had nothing to do with the case. Second, even more information appeared at the end of the day on a phone call between Trump and Rep. Kevin McCarthy which underscored Trump’s depraved indifference to the events in the Capitol. Finally, a letter from Mitch McConnell leaked out showing that he was still determined to hide behind the faux constitutionality defense, and would not be voting for Trump’s conviction or encouraging others to do so.

All of that made it almost inevitable that the House managers would ask for at least one witness on Saturday morning. But it still seems to have caught everyone off guard.

Saturday, Feb 13, 2021 · 5:14:19 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

McCaskill seems to indicate there may be a deal to not call witnesses which sounds like a big win for gop.

— Jed (@TheJedReport) February 13, 2021

As soon as Rep. Raskin asked to be allowed to depose a witness, Trump’s legal team went ballistic in shock. Attorney Michael van der Veen stepped up and spiraled into a rant so ridiculous that it ended with senators laughing at him and Sen. Pat Leahy having to call for order — and tweak van der Veen for his uncivil language.

Once the realization set in that the House managers were doing the unexpected, a vote was held on whether to debate calling witnesses. That vote passed 55-45 with Republican Senators Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and Sasse joining all Democrats. At the last minute, Sen. Lindsey Graham changed his vote to “aye,” but this was clearly done as a rat-f***ing move, so that Graham can call nonsense witnesses and claim to have been on the side of witnesses all along.

It’s clear that the House managers want to hear from Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, who recounted McCarthy’s statements about his phone call with Trump, and Friday night confirmed those statements. Trump’s legal team has countered with a threat to call hundreds of witnesses, including Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. Van der Veen went on to insist that they would all have to show up for in person depositions in his office in Philadelphia … which led to much of the chamber chuckles.

Following the vote, the chamber broke down into a series of small groups as senators tried to work out rules for what comes next. The senate could move forward, voting on each witness in turn. It could agree to give each side a fixed number of witnesses. It might even set up a committee to collect depositions while the rest of the Senate returns to normal business — though that last option is unlikely because it would not allow Republicans to claim that the impeachment trial was slowing the regular work of the Senate. Republicans seem suddenly anxious to pass COVID-19 relief.

After a series of time-killing maneuvers, the Senate finally took an official break. Action will resume at 12:30 ET, though there is not guarantee that anything will have been worked out by that point.

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