Inside Notre Dame: The challenges pf restoring iconic cathedral

Inside Notre Dame: The challenges pf restoring iconic cathedral

What is Paris without Notre Dame? Here we are, on the second anniversary the great fire that gutted the fabled cathedral, only it is not just Our Lady but all of France’s great landmarks that are off limits in these times of lockdown. And yet despite the pandemic, the work continues.

We take you inside the race to restore Notre Dame with France 24’s exclusive report on efforts to meet a 2024 deadline set by President Macron, 2024 the year the French capital hosts the Olympics. We ask about the decision to rebuild the lead spire and oak roof beams to orignal specs.

And what Notre Dame means not only to Paris and France but to the planet, what with donations pouring in from around the world. With its 850 years of trials and tribulations, it’s much more than a house of worship. What will it represent when it and the rest of the world reopen in earnest?

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