Insurrectionist: Trump ‘groomed’ Chansley and millions of other Americans to believe conspiracies

Insurrectionist: Trump ‘groomed’ Chansley and millions of other Americans to believe conspiracies

The Capitol insurrection was less than two months ago, and in that time, Jacob Chansley—who calls himself the “Q Shaman” and helped lead a violent takeover of the Capitol in a furry Viking hat and face paint—has come around to repudiating Donald Trump, even as Sen. Mitch McConnell has come around to embracing Trump.

It’s time to stop saying “I never thought I’d see this,” because everything is possible now …

… including Republicans erecting literal golden idols of their slovenly god-king.

Golden Idol spotted at #CPAC. Don’t ever try to tell me it’s not a cult.#Trump

— ProperGander Stephen Simpson (@BamaStephen) February 26, 2021

If God doesn’t flush Orlando down a fucking sinkhole this weekend, then Sodom and Gomorrah deserve a huge apology. Of course, we’re not here to praise Donald Trump, but to bury Taco Bell sporks in our rheumy eyeballs if he somehow becomes a viable political force again. 

Back to that former MAGA and QAnon adherent who is apparently calling bullshit on Trump’s shtick. Of course, he’s only doing so to stay out of prison, but hey, it’s something.


“QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley claims that former President Donald Trump used social media and “public propaganda” to “effectively groom” his followers into believing conspiracy theories.

Chansley, also known by his stage name Jake Angelli, argued that he was one of millions tricked by the former president in a motion seeking to secure his pretrial release on Tuesday. Chansley is facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence for his alleged role in the deadly January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol. Chansley insists that he believed he was “lawfully answering the call of the President” at the time that he and many others illegally entered the building.

Tricksey hobbitses! Theys makes us hates Nancy with their lies, precious!

Filthy Bagginses! 

In the motion, Chansley’s lawyer Albert Watkins argued on his client’s behalf, writing: “For years during the Trump administration, the president honed and routinely utilized his mass communication means to effectively groom millions of Americans with respect to his policies, protocols, beliefs and overwhelming fixation on all matters conspiratorial.”

Gee, ya think?

Watkins continued: “Months before the 2020 presidential election, former President Trump heightened his public propaganda such as to alarm, alert, and amass his supporters and cause them to be concerned about an inevitable voter fraud being perpetrated upon the United States of America and, in turn, theft of our nation, loss of our democracy, and the seating of a falsely/fraudulently elected individual other than former President Trump.”

Yeah, this was obvious to most people sitting around their living rooms in pelts and Viking horns on Jan. 6, but apparently Chansley was a little less savvy than his fellow cosplayers.

So there you have it. Republicans in Congress and elsewhere are now officially more far gone than a man who calls himself the “Q Shaman.”

I never thought I’d see … ah, fuck. Never mind. 

But seriously, God: Do what you gotta do. And just so you know, we’re using low-flow sinkholes now, so you may have to flush 15 times

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