McConnell announces he’ll vote to acquit Trump, cementing place on the wrong side of history—again

McConnell announces he’ll vote to acquit Trump, cementing place on the wrong side of history—again

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed his continued fealty to Donald Trump on Saturday morning, as he revealed plans to let the disgraced dictator off the hook for the Jan. 6 insurrection. McConnell, like 45 other Senate Republicans, continues to hide behind the fake “constitutionality” defense, which hinges on whether or not an impeachment trial can be held after the subject has left public office.

McConnell, of course, also famously refused to hold the impeachment trial while Trump was still in office, and thus made this ridiculous non-defense copout possible. 

The announcement comes even as Washington state Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and other Republicans came out to confirm that Trump knew Pence was in danger and did not care, most vividly illustrated by a nasty call with a frantic Kevin McCarthy, where the one-term tyrant mocked the House Minority Leader’s distress. This revelation also comes even as multiple senators—Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, and Ed Markey, as well as Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney as of this writing—are expressing support for witnesses.

Saturday, Feb 13, 2021 · 3:35:47 PM +00:00 · Jessica Sutherland

Four Republicans voted with Democrats in support of calling witnesses: Susan Collins, Murkowski, Romney, and Ben Sasse.

After the roll was called, Lindsey Graham—who was tweeting threats against calling witnesses up to the very last second—changed his vote from “nay” at the very last possible second, leading to a final vote tally of 55-45 in favor of witnesses.


As Daily Kos’ Mark Sumner wrote Saturday, there’s no reason for the Democrat House impeachment managers not to call witnesses. The Senate is currently scheduled to be off next week, so important Senate business won’t be impacted by the additional time spent on the trial. The only thing delayed by the calling of witnesses would be a Senate mini-vacation.

McConnell’s email offers GOP senators a thinly veiled copout to the “January exception” rule, expressly saying that thanks to his refusing to hold the trial while Trump was still in office, McConnell does believe he’s given his cowardly colleagues a thin talking point to deflect valid accusations of supporting a seditious traitor and letting him get away with inciting a deadly insurrection.

McConnell says it was a “close call” but says impeachment is “primarily a tool of removal” and the Senate lacks jurisdiction . He says criminal conduct by a president in office can be prosecuted when the president is out of office

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) February 13, 2021

Saturday, Feb 13, 2021 · 3:06:52 PM +00:00 · Jessica Sutherland

Maine Sen. Angus King has expressed support for the calling of witnesses—or rather just one … Kevin McCarthy.

Saturday, Feb 13, 2021 · 3:07:53 PM +00:00 · Jessica Sutherland

Lead House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin’s first words of the day? We are going to subpoena Rep. Herrera Beutler.

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