News Roundup: ‘Patrolling’ neo-Nazi arrested near DNC headquarters; GOP election hoax gains traction

News Roundup: ‘Patrolling’ neo-Nazi arrested near DNC headquarters; GOP election hoax gains traction

In the news today: A California neo-Nazi who declared himself “on patrol” was arrested by the Capitol Police today near the Democratic National Committee headquarters after being found in possession of a machete and a bayonet. A majority of Republican voters now say that believing Trump’s provably false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him is now an “important” part of being a Republican. In better news, Americans are broadly on board with President Biden’s new pro-vaccination measures. The nation is getting increasingly fed up with having to stagger through a pandemic that could have already been over had Republican elected officials not demanded that their voters do their best to prolong it.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Neo-Nazi ‘on patrol’ near DNC building in D.C. arrested by Capitol Police on weapons charges

Americans broadly support Biden’s aggressive vaccination push despite GOP pushback

Fascism: Republicans’ anti-democracy hoax now supported by a majority of Republican voters

Biden admin appeals DACA ruling as Democrats make legislative case to parliamentarian

In another racist rant, Brian Kilmeade says Biden should ‘yell at Black Americans’ to get vaccinated

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