News Roundup: Supreme Court move to erase Roe blasted by dissents; Ida delivers dangerous final hit

News Roundup: Supreme Court move to erase Roe blasted by dissents; Ida delivers dangerous final hit

In the news today: As the Northeast reels from new flooding, most other news today focuses on the Supreme Court decision allowing a plainly Roe-violating Texas anti-abortion law to take effect—sneeringly, according to the court’s majority, because the Texas plan of using civilian bounty hunters to enforce the law is such a thorny procedural question that the hard-right court has no choice but to let abortions be effectively banned in the state while the court ponders the issue.

It’s a cheap and inhumane move from a set of five Supreme Court justices now regularly using procedural orders to rewrite U.S. laws without explanation or judicial argument. Seizing on the newly discovered supposed loophole in our constitutional rights, lawmakers in other Republican-led states are wasting no time in proclaiming they’ll be pushing forward with similar “bounty” systems with all possible speed.

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