Not ‘tourists’ after all: Prosecutors say roughly 1,000 assaults on police during Jan. 6 attacks

Not ‘tourists’ after all: Prosecutors say roughly 1,000 assaults on police during Jan. 6 attacks

Tucked into a long court filing in which federal prosecutors update a judge on the steps they’ve been taking to try to bring searchable order to a gargantuan pile of video and other evidence pertaining to the violence inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 is this little tidbit:

“Based on a review of the body-worn-camera footage conducted by our Office, the footage displays approximately 1,000 events that may be characterized as assaults on federal officers.”

A description of “1,000 separate incidents of assault” continues to not sound like an everyday tourist visit to the Capitol, no matter what House Republican seditionists consider “tourism” to be. It’s also a plausible number. If you count every shove of a police barrier as an assault on the police trying to hold those barriers in place, every cloud of bear spray or other irritants, every push of Capitol Police officers as a crowd of sedition-minded violent thugs tried to break through windows over the officers’ heads—yes, it seems you could get to the 1,000 number without much effort.

That’s what those officers have been trying to tell fascism-promoting House Republicans, only to have the fascists cover their ears and double down on their complicity. People died that day. People died in the days afterwards. Scores of officers were injured. The mob came within yards of the targets they were hunting for: public officials who Donald Trump had singled out as enemies of his plan to nullify an election.

The violence of the day continues to be underplayed, even as hundreds of hours of video shows the seditionist mob moving with purpose to attack whatever stood between them and the lawmakers counting the electoral votes.

Instead, the newest tactical battle is being waged by House Republicans threatening to punish any company that complies with subpoenas from the investigators probing the extent of their involvement in the violence or their conversations with Donald Trump during that violence.

All of that said, it’s not clear what justice we can expect. The lesson of this new far-right era is that laws don’t count if they run afoul of Republican priorities, whether it be the Constitution’s own written rules for counting electors or bizarre new bounty systems that allow any citizen to block the civil rights of any other citizen while pretending that the state itself is uninvolved. Trump literally formed a mob of known-violent militia and extremist groups to descend on lawmakers as they formalized his election loss. So far, there seems no stomach for putting the traitorous baboon in a prison cell, then welding the door permanently shut.

I do have one idea, though, since the Supreme Court has now endorsed the idea of privateering through states with letters of marque, bringing alleged lawbreakers to justice, and getting cash rewards while the state looks the other way. It would serve all states well to quickly produce laws allowing for the same bounties on those who attempt to strip voters of their constitutionally provided electors.

Were you in the Capitol on Jan. 6 for the purpose of delaying or sabotaging the certification of a United States presidential election? Every citizen of the country has a stake in having their votes counted on that day. It doesn’t matter if a seditionist engaged in acts of violence or did not, it was still a violation of voter rights. Every voter in the country is qualified to ask for $10,000 from each rioter inside the Capitol that day.

Sounds like a good law to me. Get on that, each and every state. It turns out that you can privatize the rule of law just fine, according to the Supreme Court. Publish the full list of everyone inside Capitol mobs that day and their legal home addresses so that the papers can be served, and let the rest of us take our voting rights back person by person by person.

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