Premier Kenney to announce more COVID-19 restrictions coming to Alberta | LIVE

Premier Kenney to announce more COVID-19 restrictions coming to Alberta | LIVE

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is expected to announce new public health measures as the COVID-19 situation in the province continues to worsen.

Kenney will address the province at 6 p.m.

At his news conference on Monday, Kenney said the situation in the province is on a downward spiral because too many Albertans are not following public health measures already in place.

He reiterated that his government has continuously followed an approach to addressing the pandemic that balances COVID-19 concerns with mental health and people’s ability to earn a living.

Alberta doctors have urged the government to take stronger measures as cases in the province are at an all-time high.

Kenney said while his government could have imposed tough, extended lockdowns or taken a laissez faire approach that results in higher death numbers like in parts of the U.S., he is pleased with the approach his government has taken in its pandemic response.

He added that he takes issue with people playing the “blame game.”

Kenney noted that he believes his government has been very proactive throughout the pandemic by increasing the capacity of the health-care system, the contact-tracing system, testing and PPE.

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