QAnon coalition wants to ‘control the election system’

QAnon coalition wants to ‘control the election system’

A Qanon conference held in Las Vegas last weekend saw far-right conspiracy-mongers lay out their ambitious plans to “take back the secretaries of state offices around the country,” according to Jim Marchant, who’s running for Nevada secretary of state. Marchant was among a handful of political hopefuls who’ve formed a coalition in hopes of solving the nonexistent issue of voter fraud.

“I can’t stress enough how important the secretary of state offices are. I think they are the most important elections in our country in 2022,” Marchant said at the “For God & Country Patriot Double Down” event. “And why is that? We control the election system. In 2022 we’re going to take back our country.”

The mastermind behind the coalition appears to be a fringe figure known by the name Juan O. Savin, whom many in the QAnon world believe to be JFK Jr. Savin rarely shows his face except for by accident while filming live streams, so it came as a surprise when he appeared at the conference and held court for upwards of an hour. Emcee Andre Popa pushed the theory despite the fact that yet another person suspected to be JFK Jr. was in attendance.

Andre Popa, emcee of the QAnon conference in Las Vegas, implies that conference speaker Juan O’ Savin is the living JFK Jr. in a Facebook Post.

— Travis View (@travis_view) October 24, 2021

Somehow Savin has the ear of prominent QAnon believers like Jim Caviezel, who welcomed Savin to the stage over the weekend with a warm embrace. It was Savin and Marchant who initially met shortly after the 2020 election to hatch their plan. They held their first meeting as a coalition in May, alongside backers like MyPillow and election fraud fetishist Mike Lindell, former Maria Butina lover and disgraced former CEO Patrick Byrne, and Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft.

Though the group appears to have lots of money behind it, there’s not a chance all four candidates who attended the conference—Rachel Hamm, Kristina Karamo, Mark Finchem, and Marchant—will win their elections. 

Hamm is running for secretary of state in California, where she is largely predicted to lose simply because the state is so blue. She’s likely not helping her candidacy efforts by continuing to espouse her “prophetic” dreams that involve killing alleged witches and likening Donald Trump to a doting father trying to teach the country a lesson.

Marchant was previously endorsed by Trump during his failed 2020 bid for House representative in Nevada. He has yet to receive an endorsement for his Nevada secretary of state bid. Karamo, meanwhile, already has Trump’s blessing in her bid for Michigan secretary of state, as does Mark Finchem, who currently serves as an Arizona house representative and sees the secretary of state position as a way to help thwart alleged election wrongdoings.

There are 26 states with secretary of state positions up for election on the 2022 ballot. Now more than ever is a great time to get into politics and combat the fringe views of QAnon Republicans. Otherwise, these folks could be running an election in your own community.

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