Strip mall chiropractor in Florida issued more than 500 mask exemptions for one school district

Strip mall chiropractor in Florida issued more than 500 mask exemptions for one school district

A Florida chiropractor has become wildly popular with the anti-vaxxer crowd. ABC News reports that Dr. Dan Busch’s Twin Palms strip mall location has had a line of “more than 100 people” waiting outside in hopes of getting Busch to sign medical exemptions for their children to opt out of mask requirements at school. Busch has reportedly signed “more than 500” medical exemption forms for children over the last few days. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that this makes up “roughly” one-third of the total exemptions received by the school district. Busch told the news, ”The people that I will sign exemptions for are the people that qualify for conditions within my scope of practice.” That’s a lot of little kids that need “realignments,” I guess? 

But don’t you fear, Dr. Busch is totally being a doctor about this all, explaining that “The parent and child come in, we evaluate what their conditions are, see if they have a valid legitimate condition that would warrant a mask exemption. If they do not, they have to go on their way.” This is interesting, as WFLA 8 spoke with one such customer Paulina Testerman, who said she took her children—plural—to see the good doctor and got her exemption without any of those bothersome questions about why one might legitimately need an exemption. “We were in and out, came in, signed a clipboard, and handed a sheet. Nobody asked to see our children. The forms were pre-signed, there was a stack behind the counter and they were just passed out.”

Strange, because when WFLA 8 asked Dr. Busch about that he said, “I myself, I will tell you I have not given exemptions to any parents that I have not met with.” Then again, he also said, “This is not a political thing. I am not an anti-mask person or an anti-vaxx person, but I am a pro-freedom, pro-choice person.” Of course, this begs the question: Is Mr. Busch acting as a doctor?

These exemptions seem to be directly affecting the Sarasota County School District. After reports about Busch came out, the school district announced Tuesday night that exemptions can only be signed by “medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, licensed or advanced registered nurse practitioners.” What this means for the 500+ exemptions Busch signed school officials have not yet made a final decision, but there is a good chance that these exemptions will be nullified.

Busch, meanwhile, has hired a lawyer because he’s kinda maybe in a little bit of trouble now (fingers crossed). His lawyer, Bryan Kessler, told the Herald-Tribune that the district’s new policy that cuts out chiropractors as “medical professionals” is super problematic. In an email he wrote that “It seems that if the School Board is taking the position that chiropractors are unqualified to sign the mask exemption forms, then it goes without saying they are likewise unqualified to determine whether a student is physically fit enough to participate in school athletics. Perhaps the School Board can clarify its position on this in the future.” Perhaps Mr. Busch can give a single-fucking medical reason for a single exemption he approved? 

Sarasota County School District defied Gov. DeSantis’ attempts to make mask mandates illegal and started a 90-day county-wide school mask mandate on Monday. On Friday, Judicial Circuit Court Judge John C. Cooper ruled that Gov. DeSantis’ attempts to ban mask mandates in schools was unconstitutional. This is what has led to Dr. Busch’s boost in business. Of course, Dr. Busch isn’t a conman, and he told WFLA 8 that he’s signing all of these exemptions for free. Then again, he also said he was checking to see if there was a legitimate reason for these people’s children to receive medical exemptions, and that does not seem to be an honest statement.

The Sunshine State has seen a surge in COVID-19 illnesses, hospitalizations, and death, as has much of the country as the more infectious Delta variant of the virus spreads. On top of these surging numbers are reports that Gov. DeSantis, best known for probably being a true sociopath, and his lackeys have been manipulating statistics and data in order to create the illusion that the COVID-19 cases are not too bad. That means that as bad as it seems in Florida, it is likely a lot worse. 

According to US News & World Report, the Sarasota County School District is made up of 61 schools in total, educating 43,111 children from preschool through high school.

Watch the local news story on Mr. Busch, and pay attention to the number of times he shakes his head and blinks when confronted by the fact that he might be kinda a liar.

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