Texas Republicans bow to Trump’s fraudit demands right as Arizona GOP makes a mockery of itself

Texas Republicans bow to Trump’s fraudit demands right as Arizona GOP makes a mockery of itself

The timing couldn’t have been better. Late Thursday, almost simultaneously, bombshell news broke that Arizona’s GOP fraudit had confirmed Joe Biden’s 2020 win while Texas officials announced they would launch their own “full forensic” fraudit.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how the Texas fraudit could look any more cheap, tainted, and dumb. Donald Trump won Texas in 2020 by more than five points, so whatever the audit might find, there’s basically no pot to stir in terms of national results. The state has found no serious evidence of irregularities despite offering $1 million rewards to anyone who helped uncover 2020 fraud. Texas officials also announced their sham audit no more than eight and a half hours after Trump demanded it of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. 

“Governor Abbott, we need a ‘Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election,’” Trump said in an open letter to Abbott released midday Thursday.

Jump? Oh, yessir, how high? Otherwise known as doormat leadership—feel free to step on us whenever you like, sir. 

And then there’s the Arizona factor, where Trump and his acolytes have been banking for months on a doozy of a report that would raise tantalizing questions about the state’s results. Instead, a leaked draft of the report showed Biden’s lead growing by 360 votes (Biden +99, Trump -261). Tantalizing indeed.

Anticipating the great news from Arizona, Trump even issued a Thursday evening statement lauding the “highly respected auditors”—otherwise known as the highly disreputable, unqualified, and biased firm Cyber Ninjas. Trump later deleted the statement from his site. 

Some anti-audit Republicans in other states even mocked the results. Rohn W. Bishop, chair of the Republican Party in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, tweeted, “I was told by a WI legislator that the AZ audit was going to be a bombshell, and that I was in the minority by not having the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County sign up for the Full Physical and Forensic Cyber Audit.”

State GOP lawmakers in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have recently caved to Trump too, launching their own fraudits at taxpayer expense. Arizona’s downgrade from sizzle to fizzle makes their shrewd political maneuvering even more laughable.

According to The New York Times, the Texas secretary of state’s office said it would be reviewing results from the state’s four largest counties: Democratic counties Dallas and Harris and GOP counties Collin and Tarrant. But Trump underperformed in the Republican counties and, of the four, he only won Collin. 

What a stupendous time to hop aboard the Trump fraudit train—right as it’s leaving Arizona with absolutely nothing but simmering conspiracy theories to show for pouring millions down the drain.

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