Tri-state area infrastructure can’t handle climate change. Videos and photos of flooding prove it

Tri-state area infrastructure can’t handle climate change. Videos and photos of flooding prove it

Wednesday night was scary. I was lucky enough to experience only minor flooding in my central New Jersey home and was not as heavily impacted by Hurricane Ida as others, but just seeing the damage so close to home was terrifying. Global warming is real—and it’s time we take climate change seriously. 

At least 14 people died, including a 2-year-old and two adults found dead in a basement after a wall collapsed, Daily Kos reported. Many others are severely injured. Rescue boats were sent out to help people stranded in their cars. Record amounts of rain fell in New York City, with multiple tornadoes touching down in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Videos and photos of water rushing into apartments, subway stations, homes, and even cars have taken over social media. 

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida moved through the northeast, damage was done. The need for better infrastructure is clear. Daily Kos compiled some of the videos below; take a look for yourself.

Flooding killed at least nine people, swept away cars, submerged subway lines and temporarily grounded flights in New York and New Jersey as the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought unprecedented rains to the U.S. northeast

— Reuters (@Reuters) September 2, 2021

It’s almost comical to say it at this point, but doing nothing is so obviously not an option. Inaction will cost so much more than passing a Green New Deal, creating a climate-resilient and 21st century infrastructure, and ending our dependence on fossil fuels.

— Ryan Hickey (@ryanryan_hi) September 2, 2021

Flooding in New York and tornadoes in NJ might be a subtle reminder that we have a gigantic crisis to address that somehow manages to stay hidden behind political distractions and personal denials. Can we prioritize the climate crisis now?

— Angel (@Angelux1111) September 2, 2021

At least 17 people killed overnight in NYC, NJ during historic flooding

— New York Post (@nypost) September 2, 2021

New Jersey was definitely not prepared for a tornado.

Tornado in mullica hill!

— Karaníto (@bartch_88) September 2, 2021

STORM WATCH: Reports of flooding in parts of New Jersey, including here in #Elizabeth. (📸 credit: Judith Linder) Share your storm photos and videos with us if it is safe to do so: #newjersey

— News12NJ (@News12NJ) September 2, 2021

This is just unreal. Flooding INSIDE @EWRairport (credit: Kimberly Mairs). @DaveCurren @News12NJ @News12Weather @MichelePowersWx

— News 12 NJ NewsDesk (@News12NJDesk) September 2, 2021

Center City 👀

— Christie Ileto (@Christie_Ileto) September 2, 2021

Flooding in downtown Short Hills, NJ, about 5 miles west of

— Eoin Higgins (@EoinHiggins_) September 2, 2021

Queens Boulevard in Maspeth/Corona is a literal river at the moment. Bus fully flooded driving through, multiple cars stuck in the water. Absolutely insane.

— Joe English (@JoeEEnglish) September 2, 2021

More Ida flooding in Bloomfield, NJ. @News12NJ @DaveCurren @NJSpotlightNews @JamesGWeather @JGodynick

— Rob Rowan (@RobRowan973) September 2, 2021

The River Walk is absolutely submerged

— Taryn Hatcher (@TarynNBCS) September 2, 2021

my family and town back home in NJ are getting pounded by Ida’s remnants which are bringing along nasty flooding and tornadoes. I’m hoping everyone back there stays safe.

— Aiden (@AidenAprt) September 2, 2021

Our infrastructure is not ready for climate change, a thread from tonight. 28th St. subway station

— Brian Kahn (@blkahn) September 2, 2021

🚨#BREAKING Shocking video shows flood waters ripping through apartments in New York City 📌#Manhattan I #NYC Reports of catastrophic flash flooding happening across in New Jersey and New York City as millions of people brace for this devastating floods

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) September 2, 2021

The Schuylkill River at 23d Street in Philadelphia at 0700

— Only The Ball Was Brown (@inthelowpost) September 2, 2021

Aftermath of #hurricaneida in parts of Philadelphia 👀⛈ ( 📸 IG/b_maloof )


Through it all, there were some who continued to work. Perhaps they had no choice.

Here’s a brave delivery man delivering some food.

And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner #ida #flooding #brooklyn

— Unequal Scenes (@UnequalScenes) September 2, 2021

While some took to staying indoors for safety, one man thought it would be a good idea to go kayaking. I really hope his intention was to help those who were stuck … 

A neighbor in Harrison, NJ decided to kayak down Frank E Rodgers Blvd amid tonight’s thunderstorm. That’s the PATH Station in the distance and beyond that, Red Bull Arena, home of the NY Red Bulls. (Credit: Mel Johnson/Facebook)

— Mark J. Burns (@markjburns88) September 2, 2021

Of course, it’s not only people that were impacted. Photos of animals also circulated showing cows stuck in trees and fish out of water.

Good morning Galactic Family I hope you are safe 💖🙏 I just woke up and looked at Ghost Ezra telegram channel. There is so much footage of flooding, tornado activity NY, NJ, everywhere, too much to post. You know it’s real when cows are stuck in trees 😱 1/3

— Gatekeeper 1111 (@Gatekeeper_1111) September 2, 2021

So sad— stranded fish in the road – Eighth Street in Passaic , NJ after historic flooding brought the river right into the road. It’s now receding and I feel helpless.

— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) September 2, 2021

Yet, not all the animals found in these areas were suffering. While everyone was panicking, this one rat was clearly chilling and having the time of his life. 

Flooding in NYC is on another level

— 🥥 (@VolBlood) September 2, 2021

We need policies that not only combat climate change but improve the infrastructure in place to handle the results of it. We cannot stop what we have started but we can work to lessen the damage and ensure things are better for future generations.

Sending love and prayers to all those impacted by the hurricane. Hoping everyone is safe and in good health.

Were you impacted by the storm? Have any videos you would like to share? Please drop them in the comments, if so. 

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