Watch Arizona Congressman just tell GOP voters big lie after big lie after big lie

Watch Arizona Congressman just tell GOP voters big lie after big lie after big lie

While the GOP spends a considerable amount of time not passing an infrastructure package and stonewalling our country’s ability to pay our bills, they are campaigning. One glaring problem Republican officials have is that it is hard to campaign when your policy plans include “no idea,” “nothing,” “can’t do anything for you,” and “someone said they’re going to take your guns.” As a result, the only avenue of self-promotion GOP operatives have is fear-mongering that Democratic candidates and officials are trying to steal something from you. President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want to steal your guns, jobs, and abstract freedoms.

It is one of the reasons that GOP officials have gone all-in on Trump’s Big Lie. No amount of evidence, even when the rigged right-wing led Arizona audit of the 2020 election proves that Donald Trump lost by more, not less, will move their bloody hands. They do not have anything else to offer the American people. A new video—reportedly shot at Il Capo Pizzeria in Scottsdale, AZ, on Sept. 11, 2021—shows Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona making up a series of lies concerning evidence of election fraud in his state. The video is not simply damning; it is truly outrageous. If Rep. Gosar could provide evidence for a single one of the claims he makes in this video, it would be news all over the world. But he can’t because he’s a liar, likely a traitor to our democracy, a dirtbag, a white supremacist, and unfit for office.

The entire video, which you can see below, covers all kinds of conspiracy theories, tying COVID into abolishing the Second Amendment. But one of the many egregious things Gosar says, in an eight-minute run that could be titled “This man is unfit for office,” is an assertion of hearsay evidence from secret folks in the government that massive voter fraud has taken place.

He begins by referencing the Cyber Ninja Arizona elections “audit,” the one that only seems to have proven that Donald Trump probably lost by more votes than previously reported, saying vaguely that we need to “follow through” with it. Like any good conspiracy theorist and conman, he then pretends to be offering up special info, matter-of-factly, that does two things: it stokes the deep state imagination while also making Gosar seem important and plugged into power.

GOSAR: If it’s what I’ve been told—and I had people come to me early hours of the day after [election day?] from the security exchange fraud department to the CIA fraud department—that between 450 and 700,000 ballots were altered in the state of Arizona.

Gosar proceeds to push the idea that, across the state, 3% of all votes were either turned from Donald Trump to Joe Biden or just not counted for Donald Trump. He references the HBO Documentary “Kill Chain,” telling everybody they need to watch it so they can realize how this happened. Of course, Rep. Gosar forgets to mention that the main issue that the documentary brings up is something that election security officials have sounded alarms over for a couple of decades and that Republicans have deliberately worked against fixing for decades.

Rep. Gosar builds the made-up case, saying that as they looked into more voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, there was a 17% error rate. Once again, these claims were debunked months ago. More importantly, if you really want to create a conspiracy theory, how about we follow the money? The Cyber Ninjas report, dubious at best as they tried their darndest to prove election fraud, showed that Biden won Maricopa County by 45,000 votes. 

“We haven’t learned anything new,” said Matt Masterson, a top U.S. election security official in the Trump administration. “What we have learned from all this is that the Ninjas were paid millions of dollars, politicians raised millions of dollars, and Americans’ trust in democracy is lower.”

But this is Rep. Paul Gosar greasing those palms, telling everybody how the election was rigged—no matter what the facts are.

Rep. Paul Gosar goes on to say that he has friends working on a “forensic audit” of the votes in Fulton County, Georgia—you know, where white folks are a minority—and they have error rates of “60%.” It is difficult to overstate how racist this is. Gosar is banking on the fact that this all-white group of Arizonans isn’t going to know or care about the rights of people living in, as Gosar says, “the Atlanta area.” Gosar then asserts that, in a county where an estimated 528,777 of 806,451 registered voters cast their vote, 60% of votes were either switched or deleted. That is so crazy-fucking racist it’s hard not to throw a keyboard out of a window.

By the way, this GOP false flag election fraud lie was debunked by the GOP-controlled audit.

Watch Rep. Paul Gosar (R), AZ-04, continue to spread insane conspiracies about the 2020 election. “I’ve had people come to me from the…CIA fraud department.”

— The Republican Accountability Project (@AccountableGOP) September 24, 2021

Yes. It’s hard to believe that a guy who became president after losing the popular vote by about 3 million ballots, had historically low approval ratings for a president, oversaw an unpopular set of tax breaks for the rich, implemented a blatantly inhumane zero-tolerance asylum program, and then bungled the handling of a global pandemic lost an election. Hard to imagine how that could have happened to the guy with the strange hair who lies all the time.

To be clear, this bananas set of statements comes after he’s already outlined how the Republican minority in the House can hijack and, in essence, depose Speaker Nancy Pelosi, roll back committee assignments, scuttle all legislation, and then keep Congress from passing laws until the next election. That piece of frighteningly fascist think-tankery is followed by Gosar talking about defending Jan. 6 MAGA types who have been charged in the insurrection—claiming that all of the video is being collected “somewhere” and going to be used to get these trespassers, vandals, and coup d’etat attempters freed.

The Big Lie—that there has been some kind of massive voter fraud that has allowed more popular Democratic candidates to win elections—is the summation of decades of attacks on our democratic processes. The fact that Republicans have controlled most of the country’s state election commissions, and the fact that they have successfully passed racist voter suppression laws, and repeatedly stood in the way of upgrading our election machine security throughout the country means nothing to their base.

It isn’t a wake-up call that the times are changing and the majority of people are on board. It hasn’t been a call for their base to reflect on what exactly they want a representative to do for them in government. The Republican base is a minority who have been told half-correctly that their power is disappearing as more voices are demanding that their participation in our democracy be recognized.

The part that’s untrue is that what the Republican base, even the most morally bereft MAGA-hat-wearing white supremacist, wants is a working government that protects its people and helps to facilitate a fair playing field. They may not realize that they have this in common with most “liberal” Americans because their fear and anger have focused their ability to see the world into opaque and narrow bigotry. They may not understand that the entire system that tells them they are better than the rest is still designed to keep them groveling for scraps from billionaires’ tables and dying for billionaires’ wars

Here’s a longer version with Gosar opening with a platitude and a quote, and then just talking about how to run an oligarchy of fascism while selling it as Democracy.

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