Wellington’s Triumph: Vitoria 1813

Wellington’s Triumph: Vitoria 1813

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In May 1813, as Napoleon launches a desperate bid to save his empire following the disastrous defeat in Russia, the situation in Spain is particularly precarious. French forces have been weakened to make up for the enormous losses in Russia. But Wellington’s Anglo-Portuguese army, as well as the Spanish guerrillas, are stronger than ever. Wellington’s advance into Spain will liberate Madrid a second time, and conclude with the final showdown of the Peninsular War – the Battle of Vitoria.

Thank you to Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery for kind permission to use ‘The Battle of Vitoria’ painting by James Prinsep Beadle.

Thank you to Jorge Planas Campos for sharing their new research into Peninsular War casualty figures. You can read their previous paper on this subject here:

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