Which Republican do you think is responsible for LGBTQ resources disappearing from agency website?

Which Republican do you think is responsible for LGBTQ resources disappearing from agency website?

When it comes to election season, Republicans aren’t only running in opposition to Democrats, but one another. That might sound obvious, but it’s worth pointing out that a concerning number of conservatives are only running on more and more conservative measures to get the furthest right vote they can possibly achieve, as opposed to running for the more “moderate” voter audience. And as Daily Kos has stressed when covering related issues in the past, these folks aren’t espousing theories and arguments that are laughed off and forgotten about in a day—they’re giving voice and credence to dangerous, violent transphobic ideologies that are making their way into public consciousness. 

One example comes out of Texas, a part of the nation that continues to make headlines for anti-trans legislation on the state level thanks to Republican lawmakers. As reported by The Houston Chronicle, Don Huffines, a Republican who launched his primary campaign against Gov. Greg Abbott back in May, released a video at the end of August suggesting that Abbott supports “transgender sexual policies” for youth in the state based on a list that included suicide prevention hotlines and resources for LGBTQ+ young people published on a state agency website. That’s a laughable (not to mention offensive, language-wise) assertion to anyone who even remotely follows Abbott’s stances on trans folks, but, as the Chronicle reports, within hours of Huffines’ video going viral on Twitter, the webpage had vanished. And with it, the valuable resources for vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth. The question: Who is willing to take credit for the change?

Here’s that tweet Huffines sent out on Aug. 31.

It’s offensive to see @GregAbbott_TX use our tax dollars to advocate for transgender ideology. This must end. #txlege pic.twitter.com/gQiAEJZ8YR

— Don Huffines (@DonHuffines) August 31, 2021

The website Huffines referred to was published by the Department of Family and Protective Services. One section of the site, called “Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation,” included links to the aforementioned suicide hotline and other resources for youth. Similarly, the resources from the Texas Youth Connection disappeared, which included resources for housing and education aimed at LGBTQ+ youth aging out of foster care. 

In its place? A message that says the site has been “temporarily disabled” for a “comprehensive review” of its content. The message says this review is happening to make sure the resources and information are “current,” but progressives are concerned it disappeared because Abbott and his fellow Republicans got worried about being perceived as a little too welcoming to LGBTQ+ folks. 

According to the Chronicle, a public records request shows that employees did discuss both the video Huffines posted and removing the Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation page. Huffines does say he’s the reason the page was ultimately removed, but Abbott’s office has neither confirmed nor denied it.

Greg Abbott was using taxpayer dollars to advocate for transgender ideology and the Human Rights Campaign. Our campaign made him stop. I will never back down in the fight for Texas. https://t.co/gRRcZMWrZy

— Don Huffines (@DonHuffines) October 12, 2021

Either way, those resources were deeply important for already vulnerable youth who are at an increased risk for mental health struggles, homelessness, harassment, and even some forms of violence. LGBTQ+ youth are not pawns for political gain, and their rights and protections shouldn’t depend on whether or not someone wants to be perceived as an ally (or, in Abbott’s case, not as an ally) by a fellow elected official (or, in this case, hopeful).

Though hateful folks would like to tell themselves otherwise, LGBTQ+ people are real, living people who are just as worthy of protection, safety, and affirmation as anyone else, and to have resources removed is not only shameful but in the big picture, adds to the slow erasure of LGBTQ+ folks and identities in the mainstream. 

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